11 The Aircraft Crash Near Vladivostok

The Aircraft Crash Near Vladivostok

Posted on April 9, 2011 by team

On the 8th of April the fighter SU-27 crashed near Vladivostok. What is usually done in such cases in Russia?

The military helicopter.

It fell on one of the gardens.

Traces of the fire.

Firemen arrived here in 5 minutes after the crash.


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11 Responses to “The Aircraft Crash Near Vladivostok”

  1. To prevent shooting or looting?

  2. Musa says:

    Yes to prevent photos being taken and people taking parts of the crashed jet parts. BTW, You forgot to say, “FIRST”.

    Is this one of the Russian Knights? Did the pilot make it out before it crashed?

    This is sad really because we just saw that great post of them.

  3. MikefromCanada says:

    I’m surprised the aluminum melted but the tires did not burn. I hope the pilot made it back safe and sound.

  4. martin says:

    did the pilot make it? and people on the ground?

  5. opticalsound says:

    Security is way overboard. “Paranoia runs deep.”

  6. Bob.M.J says:

    Like it’s not military first to reach the crash site when a fighter jet crashes in other countries… I mean like, no $h1t…

  7. L.S.Zlatopolsky says:

    Gravity Kills.

  8. Scrat says:

    Yes the pilot survived, he bailed out. Apparently the plane a bird or more than one on takeoff. Catastrophic engine failure.

  9. perristalsis says:

    “It fell on one of the gardens.”

    Do you think the government will remove the contaminated earth and replace it with good soil so the owner can once again grow his own food?

  10. testicules says:

    One less target for an F-22

    • saber says:

      russia was always supperior to any country with jet planes they are faster and more reliable exept this one that just carashed and more maneuverable, but F-22 has to worry about 5th Gen PAK FA T-50 but since obama cut the budget for f-22 youll have to repair f-15 they are great and cheap planes just put the new thechnology in it and way you go

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