7 Secret Submarine Base in Balaclava

Secret Submarine Base in Balaclava

Posted on April 1, 2011 by team

At one time we’ve already written about Balaclava, and here is another photo report from the underground museum – former secret submarine base.

The entrance. The inscription calls for keeping military and state secrets.

A long tunnel with thick heavy doors and hermetic seals. It seems that the shelter can protect against flood and even against a nuclear blow.

A lockout mechanism is behind the wall. Each door is loсked and opened by it’s own mechanism.

A long and creepy cavate corridor.

A sea mine.

All the corridors are lit with old lamps.

Here are repairing docks.

One canal can hold 9 submarines.

Repair dock.

A submarine torpedo.

Here missiles for antisubmarine warfare ships can be found. This one is still factory-packaged.

Another corridor with communication lines on the ceiling.

Another hermetical door…

One of the museum expositions.

Another one.

Location: Balaclava, Sevastopol, Ukraine

via aquatek-filips

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7 Responses to “Secret Submarine Base in Balaclava”

  1. testicules says:

    Deffinately on the nuke list

  2. Archy Bunka says:

    A. Bunka here. COOL pics. Reminds me of the basement of Hotel Russia. I was told, “laundry is in basement”, those were some long corridors down there man. The laundry lady told me, “no guest has ever come down here before.” I felt privledged to have seen it. There is a secret subway line running below this basement, if the internet is to be believed.

  3. Musa says:

    Look, they forgot to dress one of the dummies. What kind of half-azzed museum is this anyway, silly Ukrainians, museum’s aren’t for kids!

  4. Mummeli says:

    I dont get it, why do you call every door ‘hermetically sealing’, since clearly they are not.

    First one – the curved doors – are just a blast door, protecting against the blast wave – usually the first doors in a bunker.

    On other doors, no rubber/silicone seam is visible, so they are just doors – there goes your ‘hermetically sealed’ theory…

  5. Helvetica says:

    Russian fail. Financing of the African countries, Ukraine…

  6. J Weich says:

    I found the “all corridors lit by old lamps” funny. Being 55 they look pretty normal to me. This blog is fascinating, I see young Russians that have no memory of the cold war discovering their heritage that I lived through. The perspective is quite refreshing, but somewhat biased in favour of “the American way”, which is also obviously doomed! If we survive it all, I hope the world works better. In the meantime, I will keep visiting here for all the very interesting updates.

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