13 A Trip To Aurochs

A Trip To Aurochs

Posted on April 1, 2011 by team

All the left bank of the river Oka is covered with a dense forest. In the 60s of the XIXth century one Russian professor Kaufman took notice of a strange transitional nature in this place. And now this is the only Russian nature reserve for aurochs.

A walk to aurochs is possible only with a guide that watches you all the time and tells the history of zapovednik.

A happy pair of aurochs. The male one is really huge.

Aurochs and bisons so resemble each other that one could not distinguish them.

This nature reserve exists about a half of a century, but only water supply was built and nothing else.

While aurochs need some water to stand such hot weather.

The place of their habitation.

Aurochs are the heaviest and the biggest land mammals in all European continent. Their length is about 330 cm and weight is about 1 ton.


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13 Responses to “A Trip To Aurochs”

  1. Archy Bunka says:

    First again. HA HA.

  2. testicules says:


    I guess this is an inferior version of he American Buffalo?

    • TheGenuineDon says:

      Well, at least the European buffalo is not extinct, as is the American buffalo… So the European may be superior, because he was as hunted as the American, and HE did not extinct!

  3. Fuzzybeard says:

    I thought that aurochs were the rootstock from which cattle were bred from?

  4. Musa says:

    It’s great to know there is a nature reserve kept for these beasties.

  5. rince says:

    This is not an auroch. aurochs looked more like modern cattle only bigger with longer horns. aurochs are extinct now anyway. this is a european bison.

  6. Xponoc says:

    It’s a wisent. The aurochs is extinct since 1627

  7. savagebeauty says:


    “It is not to be confused with the aurochs, the extinct ancestor of domestic cattle.”

  8. Mizz... (A) says:

    Yes, They are not exactly the same as the American Bison, but relaties. No much wild ones left as i know, but very fachinating animals.

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