2 An Exciting Cave Near Krasnoyarsk

An Exciting Cave Near Krasnoyarsk

Zhenevskaya cave or just "Zhenevka" is one of the most beautiful caves in the whole Krasnoyarsk Territory. The cave contains a great number of fanciful stalactites and stalagmites, it's total
area is very continuous and the average temperature is about 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Here you can enjoy some photo experiments with a camera, flashlight, colour balloons and torches.
7 Traditional Ukrainian Market

Traditional Ukrainian Market

With every year in Russia and Ukraine traditional markets become smaller and smaller. But in Ismail, one of the most Southern
Ukrainian towns, everything is like years ago. On these pictures you won't find modern goods, only the most traditional products.
10 Three Russian Craftsmen

Three Russian Craftsmen

Three talented Russian wood carving
masters present their best works.
5 Monastery In A Rock

Monastery In A Rock

Chelter-Koba is a unique monastery situated in one of the Crimean
rocks. Let's have a look how people live there in the 21st century.
11 Life Of A Broiler

Life Of A Broiler

Take a tour over Russian poultry factory and
trace every stage of the production process.
2 Torch Festival In Zheleznogorsk

Torch Festival In Zheleznogorsk

This show has become traditional for Zheleznogorsk, many skiers, snowboard lovers and other people
come to the festival for some fire fun. And they always get the spectacle they wish to see.
5 Working In Hell

Working In Hell

This tour will take you to two very hot workplaces -
tube-rolling plant and steel works in Kazakhstan.
8 Ordinary People of Uzbekistan

Ordinary People of Uzbekistan

Photos from the two old towns - Khiva and Bukhara in Uzbekistan.  Just daily routine of ordinary people, who do not know what the word “luxury” means.
But just look at their vivid faces, and at these clean streets… Maybe there are some advantages of living in a small town in a small republic?
5 Himalayan Bear Cubs Who Lost Their Mom

Himalayan Bear Cubs Who Lost Their Mom

These cute black bear cubs were found abandoned at the gate of the safari park near Vladivostok. They were getting cold in
the cardboard box. In the park they were immediately fed with new milk and honey, powdered baby milk and goat's milk.
5 Do You Know How Diamonds Are Extracted?

Do You Know How Diamonds Are Extracted?

Let's discover the way of extracting diamonds in the Russian region of Ural. Only 1% of
Russian diamonds come from here, but with  help of a very interesting machine.

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