8 Rewritten


One russian guy from leprosorium.ru has tried to rewrite a
history. That's an example what he has got. Just one pic, sorry.
24 Lvov On Vintage Photos Bought By Chance

Lvov On Vintage Photos Bought By Chance

These vintage pictures of old Lvov bought from a city street vendor were made before and during WWI. On some of
them were signatures with the places photographed and about some others the old vendor told a few words.
24 AN-225 “MRIA” – The Biggest Aircraft In The World

AN-225 “MRIA” – The Biggest Aircraft In The World

AN-225 "MRIA" (from Ukrainian - "a dream") is today the biggest and the heaviest aircraft with the highest cargo capacity in the World. This unique cargo plane was constructed in the 80's by the
Antonov's Development Laboratory. Its length is 84 m, height - 18 m, total cargo capacity - 250 tons. Currently there is only one operative AN-225, and it belongs to a Ukrainian air company.
18 “Yes, It’s Really Me!”

“Yes, It’s Really Me!”

Does it always look the same - what you see in the mirror and what you see
in your passport? These Russian guys prefer different style in life.
20 Life In a Penal Colony, 1891

Life In a Penal Colony, 1891

In 1891 Aleksey Kuznetsov, the Transbaikalia researcher went to Nerchinsk, which is situated not far from the
Russian-Chinese border and  made some photos of living conditions in the penal colony of the Russian Far East.
St Petersburg English Ladies With Teddy Bear 1909
16 Vintage Photographs of St Petersburg Dated 1909

Vintage Photographs of St Petersburg Dated 1909

Recently we've published exclusive photos of
Moscow taken in the far year of 1909. The
story of this tour and information about the author of these precious pictures can be easily found in our previous post as well. Moscow was not the only Russian city visited during this tour, today we are showing the photos of St. Petersburg 1909. Read more...
13 KAMAZ – Master Sport Centre

KAMAZ – Master Sport Centre

Here is a photo report from the "KAMAZ-Master" team sport centre. The team is famous all over the world for its multiple wins in Paris-Dakar Rally and other important international competitions. For 2 years they have been
building their own specialized centre in Naberezhnye Chelny and a few days ago invited photo correspondents to have a look at the new KAMAZ-4326, to take part in a master-class and an excursion round the centre.
22 Dying Ukrainian Sea Resorts

Dying Ukrainian Sea Resorts

Tourists still go to Sergeeevka - a cheap Black Sea resort which travel agencies present as a
beautiful spot. What we see is not so wonderful. Let's try to figure out why Black Sea resorts die.
6 Playing War

Playing War

The 36th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade is located in Borzya town, the Zabaykalye territory, in 70-80 km from the Mongolian and
Chinese borders. This is a report from one the playwars of the brigade which was held on a huge (6 km in length) shooting-range.
11 Postapocalyptic Landscapes In Modern Russia

Postapocalyptic Landscapes In Modern Russia

Prosperous village Priiskovy was founded in 1834 near gold and silver deposits. In Soviet epoch it experienced its best
times, but was soon exhausted and closed in 1996. What it looks like now presents a very miserable sight.

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