10 Shamans Of Buryatia

Shamans Of Buryatia

These 5 people at first sight looked like ordinary Buryat men, but after they changed clothes to these bright
costumes and began doing strange things it became clear - they are the very shamans of Buryatia...
9 Kyrgyzstan 2010

Kyrgyzstan 2010

Kyrgyzstan is a place where Russian nature is gently replaced by the Eastern, and the cultures also
interweave. Here is a photo report containing shots of different places of the republic.
6 A Big Siberian Catch

A Big Siberian Catch

Chebak  is a species of fish from the Carp family.
Today we are going to have a big chebak catch.
9 You’re In The Russian Army Now

You’re In The Russian Army Now

How does young guys life change when they become Russian soldiers? They surely won't tell you all the story for some photo report.
However we have a chance to see how an ordinary Russian military unit, where ordinary soldiers serve, looks like. Welcome inside.
8 Ulyanovsk TPP From The Inside

Ulyanovsk TPP From The Inside

Ulyanovsk TTP-1 was launched in 1946 and first belonged under the automobile plant evacuated from Gorky, which
is now UAZ. In this photo-excursion we'll try to show the operating principle of a TTP in a few words.
5 Machine Halls of Kalininskaya Nuclear Power Plant

Machine Halls of Kalininskaya Nuclear Power Plant

Another nuclear power plant - Kalininskaya is the closest to Moscow. The station consists of 3
power-generating units. Let's explore the building inside, at least where people are allowed to get.

18 And Excursion To The Kola Atomic Power Plant

And Excursion To The Kola Atomic Power Plant

Atomic energy as well as atomic power plants themselves are undoubtedly hot issues today.
This post is going to be about the Kola APS, its structure and operating priciple.
35 The Scariest Place On The Black Sea

The Scariest Place On The Black Sea

We've already published pictures of odd children's playgrounds (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) and this is one more place that'll make you at least puzzled... Sooner or later everybody becomes adult and doesn't  believe in childish fairy tales anymore.
But there is a place at the Back Sea which can ruin one's childhood in a single stroke! This strange children park is situated in Sergeevka - formerly a famous resort, but now abandoned due to this "unchildish" park.
9 Following In Beavers’ Tracks

Following In Beavers’ Tracks

Let's make a trip to the places where beavers
are often seen and explore their settlement.
13 Retro Russian Racing

Retro Russian Racing

We are used to hear not very pleasant comments about the quality of Russian cars. But if we look into the past we
can find a lot of interesting facts about Russian motorsport that will change the common opinion a bit.

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