22 A Man And His Unusual Pets

A Man And His Unusual Pets

Somewhere in Russia there lives a man who raises animals for sale. It may sound quite ordinary but the fact is that his pets are charitably speaking unusual. He has foxes of
different breeds and colours, bobcats, ferrets, huskies and even bears! It seems that all the animals live in peace with each other and with their master as well!
6 History of The Dynamo Stadium

History of The Dynamo Stadium

In 2008 the stadium had the 80th anniversary. The parting match was on the 22th of November and then a great reconstruction began. The stadium was built in 1928. Its first form was like a horseshoe
and in 1936 the additional stands were constructed. Since that time the stadium capacity reached 54.000 and it remained the main Moscow arena till 1956 when «Luzhniki» appeared.
9 Traktovaya Settlement Near Perm

Traktovaya Settlement Near Perm

Somewhere near Perm there is a little settlement which
is called Traktovaya and was taken down in 2005.
18 Rich, Famous And Unmarried

Rich, Famous And Unmarried

The American popular and respectable journal published its regular top of the richest people in the world. Now it is the rating for bachelors. This very
interesting list includes 127 men that are still unmarried. And there are many Russian people. So examine them and especially their fortune.
11 Nice Place to Meet The End

Nice Place to Meet The End

The crematorium in Novosibirsk is a cremation center with a columbarium and a grief park and it is located on the Novosibirsk outskirts in the settlement Voshod. This
crematorium was opened in 2003. It is the first Russian one built in accord with world standards. One who comes here may think it's not a bad place to be sent to heaven...
7 The Whole ZIL History In One Museum

The Whole ZIL History In One Museum

ZIL museum is a very interesting place, but is not available for everybody. Guides here have a talent to narrate, passion for their work but also a
very hard work schedule. So only students and those who are free from 9 a.m. till 15 p.m. on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday can get here.
5 Black Gold Production In Russia

Black Gold Production In Russia

While in Iraq or Saudi Arabia it is enough to bore one superficial chink in sand, Russian oil is
concentrated in the Siberian bogs where the winter is extremely cold and the summer is very hot.
12 The Archaeological Museum “Berestie”

The Archaeological Museum “Berestie”

Do you remember when you were in a museum for the last time? Most likely, you do
not. So lets visit the museum "Berestie" in Brest fortress (Byelorussia).

25 What Schools Were Once Like

What Schools Were Once Like

In a small town Khyriv in modern Ukraine, when it was ruled by Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, there was a very famous gymnasium of religious type. It was the best
according to the education level back then all over the country. Discover this gymnasium on these retro photos made in the beginning of the 20th century.
19 Recalling The Chernobyl Tragedy

Recalling The Chernobyl Tragedy

Now when at the Fukushima nuclear power plant radiation leakage is taking place people recall the Chernobyl disaster with sadness. The latter happened in April, 26th, 1986 at one of the power-generating units of the Chernobyl
nuclear power plant in Ukraine. The reactor was completely destroyed and a large amount of radioactive substance was thrown out into the environment so that the tragedy was considered the major of such kind.

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