3 Heritage of The Central Naval Museum

Heritage of The Central Naval Museum

Posted on March 28, 2011 by team

The Russian monarch Peter the Great created the room with models of ships to teach his men engineering. Now this heritage is kept in a museum.

From one side this museum is typical for Russia, but on the other side the exhibits here are worth seeing. You can rummage there as in an old garage with trash, but find some very interesting things. For example, old models of ships.

Or not old at all.

The ship artillery.

Torpedo tubes.

A powder keg hangs on a pole. The purpose is to drive it into the bottom of the enemy’s ship and give them a sound thrashing.

A model of an old submarine.

A submarine with two mines and three navigators.

A modern periscope.

A handle in the driver’s helmet is probably to move him…

Location: The Central Naval Museum

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3 Responses to “Heritage of The Central Naval Museum”

  1. testicules says:

    The mighty Russian navy?

  2. Musa says:

    This post could really use more photographs. Otherwise it’s a great little post, thank you.

  3. Discoman says:

    I recognize the diving gear-it is the soviet oxygen rebreather diving gear. I don’t recall the exact model name/designation for it.
    the handle on top is so the diver can hang from a hook while they lower or raise him, due to the incredible weight of the russian gear.

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