37 Army Shouldn’t Be Hungry

Army Shouldn’t Be Hungry

Posted on March 28, 2011 by team

Lets see and try some food from the Russian army.

Besides the everyday ration soldiers can also get some fruit, but very rarely.

Tuesday. Breakfast, dinner and supper.

Wednesday. Breakfast, dinner and supper.

Thursday. Breakfast, dinner and supper.

Friday. Breakfast, dinner and supper.

Saturday. Breakfast, dinner and supper.

Sunday. Breakfast, dinner and supper.

Butter and a piece of bacon.

Cheese and an egg.


The soldiers’ ration. Energy value – 3595 kkal.


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37 Responses to “Army Shouldn’t Be Hungry”

  1. testicules says:

    Everything is brown….. Not very appealing

  2. Otis R. Needleman says:

    I’m sure it keeps the troops going, but it’s a shame to see so little in the way of fresh vegetables and fruit. The US military is big on healthy eating, specifying substantial quantities of salads, fresh fruit, and vegetables for everyone except those actually in combat the field, and even then they ensure fruit and vegetables in some form are provided in the field rations.

    • Jesus says:

      They’re also big on everyone being gay.

    • OldBikr says:

      They can specify it all you want, the young-ones will still eat junk for preference. Pizza, burgers, chips, what the hell ever.

      It was a dark and sad day when they let f’ing “Mack Dognuts” and “Pizza da Gut” on board any of the US military bases.

      That garbage would gag a Marine, much less a maggot.


    • kirov class says:

      they receive freaking vegetables and hermitized fruits. All the needed nutrition is ACHIEVED.

    • GsomGsom says:

      Ololo, the cheapest sausages and burgers, matted mess, an ancient fruit compote, the soup of the three beans or macaroni – as usual in the Russian dining
      fresh vegetables is very expensive

      • Anna says:

        Clever, why do you think that hot dogs cost? In my country, the army soldiers are not devour hamburgers! You probably never served at all, sitting in front of a computer and someone else I will omit. Come better sport loans!

  3. Sven says:

    Yeah, and every US army base has McDonald’s, Taco Bell and all that other junk. The food in the Russian army looks healty, nutritious and tasty.

  4. Monkeycheezz says:

    looks good?

  5. RAB says:

    ER had a post last year that showed tin cans of pork and pepper that was sent to Russia during ww2 from the US. They didn’t have any way to seal the tin lid like now so they covered the meat with pork fat. They showed one can that they just took away the fat and even after all these years it said it was still ok to eat.

  6. dudster says:

    “….. looks healty, nutritious and tasty”
    Dude, are you on crack?

  7. hau says:

    no wonder russian soldiers are so skinny

  8. Musa says:

    It does look good whatever the Hell it is.

    Does anyone know what these dishes are? I’m talking about what’s on the big plates. The boiled egg and the bread are obvious.

    The food I ate in the USAF was great to horrible depending where you were and who was cooking it. In basic training and tech school, rhe food was great for the most part. Then the quality in taste seem to go down at some duty stations. I RARELY eat at fast food places.

    Iate some very old rations that were all in cans and came with a small can opener with a hole so we could string it on the chain with our dog tags. The rations were fine. They handed them out to us because they were going to expire soon. That was in the early 80’s CANNED pineapple cake is what I remember the most.

    Now I’m hungry too. :?

  9. Tody says:

    what happend to monday??

  10. Maraudon says:

    damn i get hungry by looking at this

  11. saber says:

    the foods are high in fiber that kasha thing is really nutrishious, alot of vitamins, it is looks not appetizing because its natural, in russia they hate color addons like in russia a chicken will appear bluesh and greyish and skinni its organic in america chicken looks pinkish and kinda fresh looking because of add on paint that makes it look appealing, but thouse chemicals are deadly over time, about the fruits its true russia is in the northern part and bananas and pineapple reaches only suppermarkets and army gets and apple or pear sometimes, but they do eat salads its mandatory usualy by stealing it from near by farms, in america they have a lot of junk food thats why so many problems with overweighs and pains

    • CZenda says:

      Sober up. Bio-chicken is not grey, it is yellowish, skinny and hard to bite. Grey/blue chicken is not “bio”, it is just… rotten.

  12. Frank (the spank) says:

    This is the first time this site has shown Russian food that doesn’t look horrible, LOL

  13. OLUT says:

    All carbs, no vegetables. People need food in colors, not beige and brown.

    • RuKsaK says:

      there is beetroot, cabbage, carrots, peas, corn, potatoes and all the soups are with veggies.
      And it does look bloody tasty! It’s the kind of food you could find in all the “stolovayas” before they’ve got closed down. But I bet you can still find those in small towns and in the government owned companies. Miss it. Ah! And that brown stuff on one of the plats is marrow “caviar” – really delicious with black bread!

  14. Marshall says:

    Oh, wow! They took lots of food, put it on tables and named each table after each day of the week, that should definately mean this is what every soldier in the Russian army gets for their meals… Although last time I heard Russian army still utilizes canned meat and beans from the Cold War era. Besides being so miserable Russia is also a pro at showing off…

  15. CZenda says:

    Oh my, they still pack milk to plastic sacks in Russia?

    • RuKsaK says:

      Yep. and what’s wrong with that if it’s biodegradable?

      • CZenda says:

        Let the sack full of milk fall on the ground. You can also put the sack into your shopping bag, then add some sharp objects like the plastic bowls used to pack the cheese on the photos. Add a 5-kg sack of potatoes and try to bring the milk home.
        Repeat the experiments with tetrabrik ;-)
        These obsolete sacks disappeared some 20 yrs ago where I live and were replaced with tetrabrik and PET bottles.

  16. Cordell Walker says:

    on that picture where is says: “Butter and a piece of bacon” — that’s NOT bacon…

  17. im says:

    nu neploho.) ja toz ho4u tak pitatsia.) navern nuzno brosat rabotu architektora i idti v armiju.))

  18. Douglas says:

    In case you did not know…most all every day meals in Russia are very similar to what is shown in the top photos. This is way most mothers in Russia cook for their family.

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