6 History of The Dynamo Stadium

History of The Dynamo Stadium

Posted on March 26, 2011 by team

In 2008 the stadium had the 80th anniversary. The parting match was on the 22th of November and then a great reconstruction began.
The stadium was built in 1928. Its first form was like a horseshoe and in 1936 the additional stands were constructed. Since that time the stadium capacity reached 54.000 and it remained the main Moscow arena till 1956 when «Luzhniki» appeared.

Once these stands were crowded but now there are only ruins.

The stadium had a great life with numerous fights and bright football moments.

Facades will remain the same even after the reconstruction.

“Budget of Dynamo – 41 million dollars”.

Old light systems of the stadium now are out of work.

The light control panel. Light, camera, football!


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6 Responses to “History of The Dynamo Stadium”

  1. FührerBunker.AT says:

    F. Bunker here.

    Russians would blame Stalin if they would use a Stadium more than one time!

  2. sashka says:

    we have Dynamo Stadium in Georgian too

  3. Musa says:

    It will certainly be nice to see it when it’s done.

  4. I always find it quite remarkable that the photographers get access to places like this. There’s so much history in this stadium!

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