5 Machine Halls of Kalininskaya Nuclear Power Plant

Machine Halls of Kalininskaya Nuclear Power Plant

Posted on March 19, 2011 by team

Another nuclear power plant – Kalininskaya is the closest to Moscow. The station consists of 3 power-generating units. Let’s explore the building inside, at least where people are allowed to get.

At the moment the fourth power-generating unit is being built. The power plant generates electricity for 8 Russian regions. The access to reactor hall is restricted, one can get inside only during the period of nuclear fuel reload. Unfortunately this time didn’t coincide with this tour so the reactor was photographed only in the powerplant museum.

By the museum entrance there is such an installation.

One can see a model of the power plant with the description of all the units.

Radiation indicators stand tells about radiation security and preservation of the environment.

Mammoth’s tusk which was found during the construction.

Model of the reactor in section.

And as a part of other units.

And this is a real model of fuel element – the main part of a reactor.

This thing provides the nuclei division with the release of heat.

Machine hall consists of two tiers: on the upper one there are generators and turbines, on the lower – pumps and pipelines. It is quite hot in the hall and rather noisy. According to safety rules one has to wear hard hats and earplugs.

“Hydrogen, flammable”


Valves and gauges.


There are not many workers in the hall since the system is operated remotely from control rooms.

One can clearly see two tiers of the machinery hall.

In the neighboring hall there is the turbine – the second most important unit in a nuclear power plant.

Here heat energy transforms to electricity.

It is so big and powerful that is constantly shaking under the feet.

These are the bunkers for temporary shelter in case of contingency. One can be here for some days, controlling radiation situation in the station and keeping connection with external world. It is an interesting fact that background radiation level in the power plant is lower than in the center of Moscow.

There is a personal bed for every employee.

Conference and connection room.

Location: Udomlya

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    Radiation: Making people glow in the dark since 1945

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