13 Retro Russian Racing

Retro Russian Racing

Posted on March 17, 2011 by team

We are used to hear not very pleasant comments about the quality of Russian cars. But if we look into the past we can find a lot of interesting facts about Russian motorsport that will change the common opinion a bit.

Rally racing started in 1950 in the Sovie Union. Practically all the crews used stock cars at that time with no improvements.

Also ring racing was popular on asphalt and ground tracks. It was enough to have a modified road car to take part in the racing. The competition was quite spectacular since usually there were at least minor collisions between the cars.

Autocross was organized with ordinary cars and also with buggies – single-seater cars with external wheels and frame structure created for such racing.

A new epoch of Soviet autosport was opened in 1971 with the appearance of VAZ2101. Quick-moving cars quickly became winners in this race.

It is a common fact that usual road car is not enough for racing. You need special spare parts which were difficult to get these times. Some brought spare parts illegally from Germany and some craftsmen even made them themselves.


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13 Responses to “Retro Russian Racing”

  1. testicules says:

    That was the last time a Russian racing team was competitive.

  2. Archy Bunka says:

    A. Bunka here. “Drink beers and drive fast” it’s St. Paddy’s Day!

  3. Capt says:

    Most Soviet formula cars were made in Estonia. Also called Estonia.

  4. OLUT says:


  5. Musa says:

    I love seeing photographs like this. Russians of that time weren’t all that different from Americans of that time. It’s great to see them enjoying racing and race cars. Thank You for sharing these photographs, great post.

    BTW, Happy St.Patricks Day!

  6. zx says:

    90% of photos are from race track “Bikernieki” in Riga, Latvia

  7. OldBikr says:

    At least the Russians aren’t like the German’s and their Volkswagen. Hitlerites stole the design for the so-called peoples car from the Czechs.

    Volkswagen sedan = Tatra

    Look and see if I am not right too.

    • OldBikr says:

      Volkswagen = Porshe = TATRA

      Ferdinand Porshe was allowed to steal the design after the Germans took Czechoslovakia. So much for superior German technology.

  8. Addy says:

    It is good to see those old forumla “Estonia”´s and those Lada´s& Volga´s that belonged to Estonians. Nice.

  9. suvalinenimi says:

    “Racing Zhiguli VAZ 2101″ is 2103 not 2101 model :))
    but nice pic set.. good old times, greetings from estonia

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