24 AN-225 “MRIA” – The Biggest Aircraft In The World

AN-225 “MRIA” – The Biggest Aircraft In The World

Posted on March 17, 2011 by team

AN-225 “MRIA” (from Ukrainian – “a dream”) is today the biggest and the heaviest aircraft with the highest cargo capacity in the World. This unique cargo plane was constructed in the 80’s by the Antonov’s Development Laboratory. Its length is 84 m, height – 18 m, total cargo capacity – 250 tons. Currently there is only one operative AN-225, and it belongs to a Ukrainian air company.

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24 Responses to “AN-225 “MRIA” – The Biggest Aircraft In The World”

  1. Eleonor says:

    A lot of pictures of the Antonov over here also, An-225.

  2. Archy Bunka says:

    A. Bunka here. Happy St. Paddy’s Day all.
    Great plane, Russia could have done well with it if only production were continued. Only 2 were built.

  3. testicules says:

    I am sure it will be in an Abandoned post soon.

    • JZ says:

      This thing is very useful, it can carry large cargo that no other plane can which makes it demanded and profitable. If it’s profitable it won’t be abandoned…

    • Ricky Bobby says:

      What happened to the Russian Space Shuttle…oh that’s right….ABANDONED!!!!!!!!

  4. Alexander Bogovski says:

    Actually only 1 full aircraft has been built, there is a incomplete fuselage of a 2nd one but this looks unlikely to be finished. The last pic is the AN-124, the 225’s smaller brother…

    • Archy Bunka says:

      Airliners.net stated there were plans to finish the 2nd fuselage. This was written in 2002 and never updated. I saw this jet once on the tarmac at Palm Beach International, enormous. The fact they only produced one makes this a very expensive aircraft.

      • Alexander Bogovski says:

        I’m jealous- would love to actually see it in person one day but it doesn’t fly into the UK often.

        • kj says:

          I’ve been lucky to see Mriya and Ruslan in person. One thing I can tell you- they are HUUUGE! Inside it looks like a cathedral with portal cranes…

  5. Alexander Bogovski says:

    Make that the last 2 pics and the one with the truck :)

  6. Chris says:

    The US government even pays them to haul loads for them.

  7. asd says:

    It`s Ukrainian

  8. Musa says:

    That’s one big @ss beast.

    It’s incredible that this monster can actually get off the ground and fly.


  9. Rajupasa says:

    It’s amazing… :)

  10. Ivan says:

    Another great novelty design never produced but copied easily enough from the West — just like the knock-off space shuttle it’s shown carrying, which was directly stolen from the U.S. just like the designs for jet engines were stolen from the U.K. after the Great Patriotic War.

  11. hena says:

    this great design and creation of huge aircraft should be cooperated with other huge population countries for practical use. it can sell with huge price. what a pity only one in operation now, it belongs to one of human being’s miracles. abosolutely ——this should made more ………

  12. Yuriy says:

    These are NOT Russian airplanes. They were designed, built and are being maintained by Ukrainians. Actually my parents/grandparents were involved with both of these mentioned aircraft and many others, designed by Antonov Design Bureau. :)

  13. Leonard U says:

    Like most Russian “inventions” this was obsolete the day it hit the sky. No manufacturers, except Russian companies, design equipment that cannot fit inside an American C130 or Boeing 747 Cargo. Those planes are more reliable, all over the world, and much cheaper than this old piece of Russian junk. Yes, the A225 flew with the Russian knock off of the American space shuttle, (great photo opportunity), but the Americans used their shuttle over 100 flights into space. The Russians? Zero. A225 is a joke like most Russian designs. Face it folks…

    • Yuriy says:

      If you would be more educated in the worldwide logistics, and why corporations use one airplane to transport cargo instead of 2 or 3, you would have a different opinion.

      And yes companies do design equipment that cannot otherwise be transported with such great ease (that was transported by an 225). In fact, USA has contracted an 225 on more than one occasion (why didn’t they use 747 or C130? hmmm).

      You are pretty narrow minded towards “Russian” “inventions”. Open up a little!

    • Jenya says:

      Hahahaha wow, you are a tool. Do you realize that America and Canada (and many other places in the world) contract this airplane out on a monthly basis to carry things all over the world – clearly there is a demand for this “old piece of Russian junk”, which is actually Ukrainian LOL.

      You only make yourself look uneducated by making such assumptions and claims (without any factual proof or knowledge)

      Oh and PS: Yes An-225 flew with the Buran, which had nothing in common to the space shuttles designed by USA (just so you know). It also flew just so you know, it did an unmanned flight into space and back.

  14. avstudent says:

    Hi, is there any way i could get more technical information for An-225 and An-124 for my project research on aircraft performance? Thanks!

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