5 Himalayan Bear Cubs Who Lost Their Mom

Himalayan Bear Cubs Who Lost Their Mom

Posted on March 15, 2011 by team

These cute black bear cubs were found abandoned at the gate of the safari park near Vladivostok. They were getting cold in the cardboard box. In the park they were immediately fed with new milk and honey, powdered baby milk and goat’s milk.

It’s not the first finding of such kind, last year they nurtured six bear orphan cubs, four of them were also Himalayan ones. Since 2006 it has been illegal to hunt Himalayan bears in a lair. However there are still those who don’t observe the law. So after female bear murder bear cubs get abandoned in the lair.

In fact hunting bears in a lair is quite a safe and disgusting hunting method. Usually hunters use dogs to make a beast leave the lair and just shoot it down at short distance. The cubs are often killed together with their mom.


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5 Responses to “Himalayan Bear Cubs Who Lost Their Mom”

  1. testicules says:

    Cute bears. I hear bears are tasty

  2. Rurik says:

    A better life? To be trained as circus bears in Moscow? I’ve seen how some of these animals are so happy to be “performing” near Red Square, they don’t seem very happy to me!

  3. Andrey says:

    At least now they will be treated well.
    Good luck to the twins !
    Brgds, A

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