5 Do You Know How Diamonds Are Extracted?

Do You Know How Diamonds Are Extracted?

Posted on March 15, 2011 by team

Let’s discover the way of extracting diamonds in the Russian region of Ural. Only 1% of Russian diamonds come from here, but with  help of a very interesting machine.

This is how Russia looks like here. Guess what cars you can come across along this road.

Right, only log and diamond trucks. The latter resemble bakery delivery for security reasons.


5 Responses to “Do You Know How Diamonds Are Extracted?”

  1. OLUT says:

    No photos here, either. Maybe I viewed too quickly?

  2. testicules says:

    Is this place abandoned?

  3. Ivan says:

    Nah, these are the photos of one none profitable mine, nothing here

  4. George Johnson says:

    Diamonds are just common pebbles. Not rare by any means.

  5. shmalex says:

    how the f@#k is that thing supposed to swim??? o_O

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