36 Two Sides Of The Russian Police

Two Sides Of The Russian Police

Posted on March 10, 2011 by team

Take a tour to modern Russian police school and discover a glamour surprise in the end.

About 300 students study in this Russian police school. Five days a week they spend in the school premises and may leave for weekends.

Any military establishment starts from the mess hall.

The scheme is simple – students on duty set the tables and receive the detachment.

The whole process is precise, like in the army. A detachment sits down to eat simultaneously as well as leaves.

The cooks are civil.

Students on duty help them.

“Timetable”. The schedule is a lot different from one in a usual school as there are special subjects in addition to general ones.


The desks are placed every time differently, depending on the subject.

Such circle is used while learning languages.

On Fridays students sum up the week and ask questions about the material.

Teachers also take part in such discussions.

Education here is absolutely free.

Entrants have to undergo an interview and then pass entrance exams.


For girls it is more difficult to enter the police school as only two girls are allowed in every platoon.

Winner’s pennant. “To the winner of the contest for the best platoon”.

This girl is on duty. The girls do the same things boys do.

Perfect room of a junior group.

One can guess who lives here: girls or boys.


Small sports corner.

And a large gym for main P.T. lessons.

Chapel on the shool territory.

Students learn traffic rules as well.

The very pride of the school – the stables.

Time to go home for the weekend.


“Be friendly and kind with everyone and always cheerful”.

And now check out this glamour miss who will definitely make effective policewoman. She probably entered a police school by some mistake or just because she liked the uniform.

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36 responses to “Two Sides Of The Russian Police”

  1. Zjoske says:

    They seem a bit young to me

  2. Maraudon says:

    Like police elementary school?

  3. uliqed says:

    What a lovely and pleasant young people. I am proud of our new generation.

  4. Randy says:

    I’m not so sure that the cook is civil. Correct English spelling ‘deservs respecting’.

  5. perristalsis says:

    Nice self- head-shot of chick with toilet behind her, that’ll get a lot of responses when she posts on Facebook.ru

  6. burak says:

    grafters of the future…

  7. raf says:

    sight of the russian uniform makes me vomiting

  8. Musa says:

    Russian Children are so cute!

  9. audreyLh says:

    why are they so young? are they orphans?

  10. Pinback says:

    My favorite Russian Militia clip…relaxing


  11. lorenzo says:

    to me they are too young.. why don’t let them wait until they turn 18?

    • George says:

      It’s not a police academy, it’s kind of a regular secondary/high school for future police cadets (with some additional subjects). They might or might not want to become policemen.

  12. SovMarxist1924 says:

    Police State?

  13. asteroid no. 444 says:

    Will they write tickets for speeding tricycles?

  14. SSSR says:

    Maybe someday some of them will post a video on youtube about the corruption in the Russian police force.I am sure they learn how to speak english,like Russian soldiers are required to learn.

    • Paulus says:

      From your remark about “Corruption in the Russian Police Force,” it would imply that the rest of the world’s police agencies don’t have that problem – which is a fallacy. Before posting accusing remarks such as that, clean up your own property (your country’s corruption first) before you rant against Russia (or anybody else).

  15. L.S.Zlatopolsky says:

    Moscow (Baby) Blue.

  16. oggy_g says:

    Such high a technology and advanced techniques are employed in language education and the result is… Any explanation to that??

  17. Ivana Benderova says:

    Yes. Every 12 year-old children “deservs respecting.” LOLZ! What is this BringEm Young University?”

  18. kbr says:

    all this BS I read here, what is the alternative? Leave them on the streets? Atleast the state tries to educate them. How is the west, beautiful schools with lots of opportunity? About that ‘“deservs respecting’, atleast they are learning a foreign language and that is more than in most countries.

  19. Warlord says:

    Using children to enforce the law in your country? I suspect it must be really difficult for the female students as the average russian male tends to be about as subtle as a kick to the head when they want to get laid….poor girls are likely getting grabbed and pawed on contantly..and of course if they want to stay on course to graduate they have to bare it in silence…yup good school you got there Russia….start the corruption early

  20. Having seen a gallery of homeless children living on the streets of Kiev (I think?) and abusing drugs and not having much hope for the future, it’s a lot better to see children growing up in a happy environment. Look at them, they’re learning discipline, respect and foreign languages! Just because they’re going to a police academy, doesn’t mean that they’ll always be police officers but they’ll have a solid base to build on for the future.

  21. Paulus says:

    Excellent statement, sir. I too am a veteran from the “Cold War” Era plus Vietnam-Era. Sure am glad that neither side decided to push the button.

    • Rusty says:

      I am a “Cold War” Veteran and a 23 year in uniform Cop. The youth shown above appear to be in the intitial training phases, much like our on ROTC in high schools and colleges. Lets you see if it is what you want to do without the obligation. Hope these children pursue a long and honorable career in the profession.

  22. Raana Ali says:

    Nice! Russian are ahead I hope so !!!!!!!

  23. wow says:

    pic 18 is he married?

  24. Yurie says:

    So… The girl at the end can’t be a serious police officer because she takes care of her appearance? Wow. Someones jealous.

  25. Steven says:

    Very interesting. It is a boarding school kind of thing?

    Actually, the correct english would be “Deserves Respect.” Respecting is a verb.
    It is cool they are learning languages so young, but if this is the level of language instruction they will find taking to american tourists to be hell.

    Sort of testifies to the huge differences between the way things are done in each Russia and the US. In the US there would be no such school. IN the US each city is responsible for its own police (as is each region (county, parish) in each state. ) In Russia everything is under military discipline and run from Moscow by the guy in charge of the MVD.
    Cool pictures, thanks!

    • matt says:

      Really? So there are no boarding school or military academies in the west, anywhere?

      Its the same thing, only instead of the military, it has a police twist. That’s all. They’re not required to nor do all of the students wish to become cops. It just looks good on applications.

  26. John says:

    “She probably entered a police school by some mistake or just because she liked the uniform.“
    Out of what cave did you come from you said?

  27. maniafun says:

    i want to be a russian soldier

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