9 Russian Rescuers In Action

Russian Rescuers In Action

Posted on March 9, 2011 by team

Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations units are going to show their skills in retrieving the injured in traffic accidents from the cars. Welcome to such an unusual contest.

All the teams before the start.

The bosses.

The choice of special vehicles was very wide, from such quick-moving vans …

… to heavy off-road trucks.

Even some transformers help to rescue people in Russia.

That’s what’s inside a transformer.

Special units also took part in the competition. These people deal with extreme situations: from fires on water to the liquidation of dangerous chemical reagents.

The cup is waiting.


First team is about to get phone instructions.

Professionals demonstrated their skills on such specimens of Russian car industry.

Real people are to be rescued, no dummies.

And it starts!

The accident site is encircled with retroreflective cones.

The car gets fixed with the help of special supports.


These pliers are called “Jaws of life”.

Hydraulic lines are getting unwound and connected to the equipment.

Time for an important moment – hood opening and de-energizing of the car for the fuel not to blaze up during the operation.

After de-energizing the rear window gets broken.


After some seconds one of the team jumps inside. His task is to cover people inside with a piece of cloth to protect them from splinters of glass and to fix their bodies to avoid injuries.

Meanwhile the other rescuer breaks the windows.

The injured person gets covered with a special shield.


Tinted glass becomes a bit more solid, and in case of accidents it takes few more seconds to break it – they may be very important.

One team boasted of electric fretsaw.

But almost everyone used fire axes.

Special unit used some technological device.

Then tough guys entered the scene.


Doors were snapped off as if they were made of plasticine.

Bravo! Sedan has become a cabrio!

The jury was merciless – teams could be disqualified for the slightest mistake. For example, this injured passenger got “his head broken” with a part of the car body, when the man who controlled the process inside was distracted.


The next task was to evacuate the injured. Such stretcher was used for it.

The injured get fixed thoroughly.

Then the back of the seat is sawn off and the victim is taken to the ground.

Applying splints to the injured limbs.


After applying the splints the injured was taken off the zone of the accident. It was considered the end of the contest.

The jury watches over the process attentively. The winner became a team from St. Petersburg.

The cars were then taken away.

By the end of the day a decent collection of scrap metal was gathered.

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9 responses to “Russian Rescuers In Action”

  1. Kilroy Was Here says:

    Very efficient…

  2. ahm says:

    ah, sad to see good ladas destroyed..

  3. perristalsis says:

    I didn’t see the part when the rescue teams were timed on going through the victim’s pockets and finding cash, credit cards, drugs and condoms and passing them out to co- workers.

  4. Zack says:

    Wear eye protection when breaking glass.

  5. Jane Cooper says:

    I saw it on lcd tv and i’ve got to admit that they do great job!

  6. testicules says:

    Looks like all the rescue equipment is American made

  7. OldBikr says:

    Great demonstration of the rescuers skills.
    Extrication is always the tough part of Emergency Medical Techs duties, it is also fun to show off it off too.


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