13 Get Closer To Untouched Nature

Get Closer To Untouched Nature

Posted on March 8, 2011 by team

Incessant rains, crazy winds of Kamchatka, sleeping in damp sleeping bags, gnats and wool lice are inevitable companions of people working in the Kronotsky natural reserve. But there is the other side in their work: they see the most beautiful sunsets and daybreaks, their paths go along picturesque passes and behind scenic waterfalls where people usually don’t get. They are often the witnesses of the most private moments of wild nature.

Exploring virgin lands.

Animals usually don’t care about people.

Wild horses near a volcano.

Volcanic ash comes from the local volcanoes from time to time. It makes snow and animals look grey and dirty. This hare clears its legs of the ash.

Hare footprints in the snow grey of ash.

People often try to find human features in animals, wild or domestic. In this picture a bear seems to admire the evening lake. In fact, it is sitting in a food coma, overeaten itself with salmon. It can’t eat anymore, it is even difficult to move, and fish still swims in the lake. The bear observes fish with satisfaction and happiness in its eyes.

Such little bear cubs were born under the snow layer a month ago and now they already gambol on green spring grass.

Foxes feel when spring is coming. They began to clear their holes of snow – it is an indication that mating season is not far off. The holes located in a good place can serve several generations of foxes. This one is known for about 100 years. Now it is about a meter of thick snow for this fox to clear – pretty hard work.

All in all there are about 160 discovered fox holes in the nature reserve. Fox hole is a secure shelter – bears, wolves, lynxes can’t get inside these complicated constructions with underground passes.

Foxes are not afraid of people here, this one slept right beneath the window.

Some rivers are covered with ice in winter, the waters of some are still open.

Wild deer antlers.

The moon and volcano at dawn.

Small hut by the river.

When one moves to live among wild nature, one gets to understanding that 2/3 of city life skills are of no use here. Simple things become vital: set the saw, start your snowmobile that stopped in the middle of snowy landscape, not to get lost in the wild nature.

After every snowstorm you have to clear your path to the firewood.

The are no problems with water supply, the Kronotsky nature reserve is full of rivers and lakes. This river flows from the crystal lake Kronotsky.

Thanks to the efforts of foxes the electric cable was changed to “armoured” one , that cannot be bitten through.

The heat comes from brick wood stove. It is very delicate and a bit cracked because of the earthquakes but is the best heating device in the nature reserve.

Electricity is produced by a diesel generator and soon solar batteries will be installed as well.

A mink plays the master in the shed.

Red friend.

This tree is called stone birch, it grew already here when Kamchatka peninsula was just discovered. Hundreds of tourists come to admire the tree nowadays. Bears also like to hang about the tree.

Scientists live separately in the reserve. They got used to it and cope with their job very well. However, sometimes they visit one another when they need some chat or help. Like have someone’s hair cut.

Haircut process.

Location: Kronotskoye lake

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  1. Yes! An answer to my question of several days ago, as to whether tar-paper shacks exist in Russia. Good photos, all.

  2. Dovanov says:

    One of the best posts in this website

  3. Archy Bunka says:

    Great pictures. I fear for these places. When will the great nations declare a war on energy and spend some real money working on practical alternate energy sources. We need a moon program for clean energy sources.

  4. Musa says:

    They Have been working for years on alternative energy sources, one of which is tapping the abundantly resourceful Jet Stream.

    Absolutely Beautiful Photographs, Thanks.

    Note to Scientists, If you need any assistants, I’m your gal!

  5. MARLENE says:

    breath-taking pictures!
    thanks for sharing.

  6. uliqed says:

    God Save Russia !!!

  7. Viktor says:

    Amazing and incredible photographs!!!

  8. GrouchoMarxist22 says:

    I think this gallery of nature is absolutely stunning. The vibrant colours and the innocence of the animals.. I love it! Probably my favourite selection on here!

  9. moo says:

    I hope to visit kamchtka some day

  10. Thank you for sharing these are wonderful!

  11. David says:

    I love looking at the many pictures of Kamchatka on this site. It is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. If I wasn’t a poor American, I would love to travel here for a vacation.

  12. scot says:

    Superb pictures. Great subject and very well photographed

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