17 You’ve Never Seen St.Petersburg Like This

You’ve Never Seen St.Petersburg Like This

St. Petersburg is admittedly one of the most beautiful Russian cities. It inspired many artists to praise it - painters, poets,
singers, film directors... Here are photos made by one more inspired man - modern photographer Alexander Petrosyan.
3 Russian Hollywood

Russian Hollywood

One of the major Russian film studios "Mosfilm" always welcomes the visitors to take a tour over it. People
get a chance to have a look at the studio's museum and even some setting constructed for a new movie.
7 Portable Eyesight Checker

Portable Eyesight Checker

This guy has decided to make a tattoo of the eyesight checking table across his back.
Maybe for moonlighting in a local opthalmological department from time to time?
17 Greetings From The Golden Horde

Greetings From The Golden Horde

The Astrakhan region can boast of an ancient settlement Sarai Batu - the
former capital of the Golden Horde and a major ancient trading center.
17 Severe Russian Women

Severe Russian Women

There is a famous phrase about Russian women: "She'll stop a running horse, she'll enter a burning hut". It goes without saying that Russian women's courage is outstanding, and this
representative of the fair sex does not make an exclusion - not every man is brave enough to clean the roof and knock down icicles with a pincher and a spade without any safety equipment!
23 Wedding Photo Fails

Wedding Photo Fails

Wedding is undoubtedly one of the happiest days for every couple and wedding album is the very thing, that enshrines all the
pleasant moments for years! But don't try to economize on your wedding photographer or you can get photos like these!
62 Wolf Hunting In Chernobyl

Wolf Hunting In Chernobyl

Despite the radiation, around the exclusion zone and inside it life is in full swing. The inhabitants abandoned the territory after the nuclear
catastrophe in 1986, but it's still a good place for wolf, fox and racoon dog hunting, because in Byelorussia they are not protected by ecologists.
13 Fantastic Car From Russian Neighborhood

Fantastic Car From Russian Neighborhood

Do you think you look at an expensive secret prototype presented by some world-famous car company? It
may seem so, but in fact, it is a masterpiece created of old car trash by young Russian guys.
13 St. Petersburg’s Past – Leningrad

St. Petersburg’s Past – Leningrad

Discover St. Petersburg of the 1920-30s. It was
called Leningrad then and looked like this.
16 Underground World Is Calling

Underground World Is Calling

It still remains unknown who discovered the Kungur Ice Cave. It is cloaked with legends
which is actually easy to understand judging from the mysterious atmosphere inside.

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