11 Soviet Tale About Subway

Soviet Tale About Subway

Posted on February 25, 2011 by team

This children’s film strip was made in 1950 to show the kids how the subway works.


Film strip for the kids of preschool age”


Moscow is the capital of our fatherland.

Buses, trams and trolleybuses run along the wide streets.

And deep underground under Moscow streets and houses the subway trains rush along.

This remarkable underground was built at the suggestion of comrade Stalin.

New and new tracks are being laid by subway builders.

They work day and night deep underground. They cleave the ground hard as stone.

And take this ground out in trolleys.

Drive long corridors – tunnels.

The most beautiful marble stones are used to decorate the subway. These stones are sent from Urals, the Caucasus, Crimea – from all the Soviet Union.


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11 Responses to “Soviet Tale About Subway”

  1. OLUT says:

    The Metro sure is lovely. I still think Stalin is a douche, though…

  2. Douglas says:

    Best to teach the children to stay to the right on those escalators, just saying…

  3. YJ says:

    That dirty Georgian who ruined Russia.

    • GsomGsom says:

      Georgia just attacked South Ossetia. But we showed them kuz’kinu mother. The one to blame Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili.

  4. PHLkid says:

    The game of “Spot the Photo-shop” is ridiculously easy with this set.

  5. asteroid no. 444 says:


  6. apostolos says:

    That was very nice.
    I enjoyed it.
    the same way you are enjoying art deco, playing bioshok or get nostalic playing fall out with the 30s-50s references and styling if you are an american.
    btw i am neiter russian or american.
    I am from greece.
    I know it was part of stalins propaganda but what itsnt today?
    I liked the clothes the people wore its was all the same.
    no envy or vanity ,no so much weigt as we put today to be diferent from others only as an image and basicaly becoming self centered.
    other matters was important
    I realy liked the entrance with the M.

  7. Stef@n says:

    Wow !
    How to see this movie ???
    Do you have a youtube link ?

  8. Ded Pihto says:

    Idiots who paid for it with their and their children’s lives and financial well being

  9. Papa Karlo says:

    This subway was built in exactly same years when several million of Soviet citizens died from state-organized famine. Google photos of dead bodies on the streets of Kiev with people simply walking by on their business.

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