11 Deserted Space Clinic

Deserted Space Clinic

Posted on February 21, 2011 by team

Quite fresh and unusual object – institution where future astronauts had their medical examination.

Let’s start from the kitchen.

“Cafeteria working hours”

Interesting shape.

Everything was taken away.


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11 Responses to “Deserted Space Clinic”

  1. lolox says:

    Flightgear I see is for pilots, but not for astronauts…

  2. Chris says:


  3. JZ says:

    I guess this was still in use until not so long ago…

  4. sashka says:

    i love this site

    nice pics and always interesting

  5. Musa says:

    Well they didn’t take everything. Nice women’s shoe… anyone? How about an official CCCP gas mask… it’s your’s for a good price.

    • Mahmoud A. says:

      How much for the lovely spiral staircase? I could do wonders with that inside a rustic cabin or industrial-style loft. The staircase could lead to the machinegun turret sticking out the upstairs window.

      Mahmoud A.
      Interior Design for Adventurous Living

  6. SovMarxist1924 says:

    Look at the waste. Unmanned spacecraft are superior to manned exploration. Machines are smarter, cheaper and don’t need nurses, drugs, and food. The Venera did what no human could do. The Voyagers did what no human could do. Etc., etc.

  7. DouglasUrantia says:


  8. Eric says:

    Wow, I want to check this place out next time I am in Moscow!

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