25 Biggest Airplane Ever

Biggest Airplane Ever

Posted on February 21, 2011 by team

Today’s world’s biggest airplane An-255 Mriya (“Dream”) was constructed for the needs of Soviet space programe in transporting large-size objects.

In 1989 a new plane was designed which could carry spaceship “Buran”, large-size rocket components and some equipment for oil and mining industry.

AN-124 was taken as a base for a new aircraft to make the production faster and less expensive.


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25 Responses to “Biggest Airplane Ever”

  1. Mizz... (A) says:

    In fact it´s a bit shorter than the C5 concept, but can take much hevier payloads (the American C5 is a bit older (but still as i know very well working)concept so it´s structure contain less composite materials compared to Mriya (as i know the pictured one was the only one bulidt) thats why Mriya can take hevier payloads compared to it´s size.). It was originaly planned a even bigger plane with 4×4 engines, but it was never built.

  2. Edvinas says:

    #1 !!!

  3. edv says:

    im first :DDDD

  4. Eleonor says:

    It was made to carry the Buran shuttle, very impressive airplane !!

  5. Airborne says:

    Awesome aircraft. And, I think it was designed to also carry something a little more intimidating and deadly than the space shuttle and some oil drilling equipment. ;)

    • Mummeli says:

      Actually, it was designed to carry the Buran, and airlift Energia’s rocket boosters, and only those, nothing else.

      Also worth mentioning is, that it made all those flights, including 2 trips to Paris, under military registration. And after they revived it, in the mid 2000’s, they had to give it a major overhaul, including installing new engines and some additional gauges, and strenghtening the body on various places, so they could pass the civilian regulations. Nowadays the only flying An-225 is under civilian reg, but Antonov is offering a ‘westernized’ version, with glass-cockpit – no takers yet.

  6. Chris says:

    I think the AN-225 was the Ukraine’s entire dividend of being under Russia for the last couple hundred of years.

    At least Russia educated them hohols.

  7. Adam says:

    Awesome picture of the Antonov 225. I heard about this airplane back in the 90’s. I think they only built a couple of them. If I remember correctly the Russians were have trouble getting the dynamics right and getting it to fly. Rumor has it that the Americans helped them with the design and to get it in the air. If it’s true or not I’ll probably never know. I would love to see one of these beasts up close.

  8. Dario says:

    I was expecting a bit more glass in the cockpit. Even the a380 has only 2 gauges. This looks like a DC-10 cockpit. But it doesn’t really matter. Just say’s a lot about the technology put in it.

  9. asteroid no. 444 says:

    Imagine Mathias Rust flying this into Red Square.

  10. Pascal says:

    In your dreams the Americans helped the Soviets in making this 9th wonder of the world to fly. I hope you are not trying to suggest that the Soviets were not capable to attain such a feat. for once Gringo, just swallow your pride and accept that somebody has beaten the Americans into building the biggest Airplane ever in the world.

    • Mummeli says:

      Like he said, it’s a rumour, although a false one as such.

      If one’s interested, Discovery/History Channel made a documentary about the An-225 (and also including abit about it’s little brother An-125) in their Worlds Biggest..-series.

      Explains most, if not all, of it’s history, including the strenghtening the body to achive the commercial certificate.

    • Papa Karlo says:

      Now that’s silly. Russians are also Gringos. All white men are Gringos, and Russians are even whiter than Americans.

  11. koziba majoo says:

    thats owesome machine great guys ! icant belive u made it

  12. Bobble Hat says:

    Ha, nice comment! I’ve often wondered that myself. All they do is sit there and look out the window, pretty much…

  13. Vadym says:

    Its first test flight AN225 made in 1988

  14. Pawel says:

    Amazing airplane

    5th photo from the top with the tires. First tire is bald; Is that safe? Shouldn’t it have been replaced; the one on the other side still has tread.

  15. Tasha Mwila says:

    I would love to fly that plane…

  16. akram ali says:

    great russia.very big aircraft and smarts people make it.i love russia

  17. Koushik Mondal says:

    coz here a journey begins,a modification begins with the advancement of civillization.

  18. Papa Karlo says:

    This plane has nothing to do with Russia. The plane was developed in Kiev, when there was no Russia, but only the Soviet Union. Since the break-up of the Soviet Union it belongs to Ukraine. So you can call the plane Soviet or Ukrainian, but either way, it has nothing to do with Russia per se.

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