26 Wackiest Russian Vehicles

Wackiest Russian Vehicles

Posted on February 14, 2011 by team

The most bizarre Russian vehicles one couldn't even imagine.

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26 Responses to “Wackiest Russian Vehicles”

  1. Archy Bunka says:

    A. Bunka here foist? Looks like the whacky racers.

  2. atom says:

    The truck with the jetengine is used to clear snow at airports…

  3. DavidDerKlabauter says:

    that motorbike is so cool. i wonder what engine they used?

  4. Maraudon says:

    The truck on the first pic: Hello ladies!

  5. Kilroy Was Here says:

    NICE! Good work… Very informative…

  6. OLUT says:

    I like the bathtub motorcycle and the Willie Wonka train.

  7. Gopher says:

    I suspect that the first photo of the green truck is not really “wacky”. It is a runway de-icer using a giant “blowtorch”. Note aircraft in the background for it to service in a few months.

  8. testicules says:

    What about the giant flying wing? Looks like CG to me.

    • probably they use a plow first. I grew up and often lived in my hometown in upstate new york, 30 to 120 inches of snow a year and I Know snow well! a plow cannot get down to the 1/4 inch of pure ice that lies on top of the tarmac of the runway. crushed snow, by taxing planes creates the ice. so they blast it off, probably blast off the ice on the planes too, ice storms are common in snow countries that are near the boundary of warmer climates, like the upper Midwest.
      I America, with its smaller size and delivery systems and good roads, someone just calls headquarters and a off of the shelf machine arrives within days.
      I can imagine that Here people must improvise. must be very good at it too. you live, say, in a town of 2000 and its the largest town for 50 miles and the snow or mud makes it hard to deliver, so someone takes an old truck and scavenges for Parts.

    • frank delaney says:

      It is CG, it was a planned aircraft but never made it anywhere near to production as it was deemed too impractical. Someone made a pretty good CG model of it a year or 2 back which is what this picture is.

  9. cockatrice says:

    South Korea’s wishing they had #1. That would be for clearing runways. Between the jet blast and the heat, you should be able to clear snow pretty well, though going over with a rotary snow plow would get the overburden off and out of the way a little more effectively.

  10. cockatrice says:

    And your bus in #3 is pretty darn cool.

  11. cockatrice says:

    Your first rail runner is pretty standard over here, idlers to keep the rubber tires centered. The goofball cheapass solution is to remove the tires and run on the rims. How long do they last? And traction on grades has got to stink. But it beats walking.

  12. Otis R. Needleman says:

    Some looked wacky, many didn’t – they have very specific uses.

  13. I have seen cars and trucks too, going down the rails, here in America. Here there are CSX corporation track repair/inspection pickup trucks with rail wheels. at the end of the workday, the truck stops at a road crossing, the rail wheels retract and then off the truck goes, on the road, on normal wheels!

    In a land with 11 time zones, you might not be able to call up Moscow and ask for delivery tomorrow, so you improvise down at the shop and make a machine to match the weather, climate, and the need.


  14. David Levy says:

    Multi task bath tub bike. Ha ;)

  15. SSSR says:

    I wonder what would happen if that black car on the tracks was pushed to the speed of 88 miles per hour.

  16. Musa says:

    I want that little yellow bus page 1 picture 4.

  17. RandomJoe says:

    Picture labeled toilet is a portable nuclear reactor or so says a different post on this same site.

  18. frank delaney says:

    Nice try, Pinocchio but your nose is growing…

  19. Perun says:


  20. HMCS says:

    Looks like author simply a dumbell with very primitive views.

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