15 Pure Nature Of Kamchatka

Pure Nature Of Kamchatka

Posted on February 14, 2011 by team

We are back to Kronotsky Nature Reserve, a unique place where one could admire untouched nature of Kamchatka.

The last eruption of this still active volcano took place in 1923. Today the crater is sealed with large boulders.

Presence of few people who live in the reserve can be traced by little houses standing among virgin nature.

The huts hide themselves this way – only the roof can bee seen on the surface.

These huts make the tourist zone of the natural reserve. One is also hidden in the snow.


This one is having fluffy guests.

Evening by a volcano.

Kamchatka is the world of genies.



Sea monsters.

Swan winter.

Foxes are not afraid of people here, they do their daily business and don’t pay attention to two-legged creatures. The most interesting part in foxes’ behavior is the tail. They need it for many different things:

Sail tail to move faster.

Pillow tail.

Tail as an elevation rudder.

For balancing on two legs.

As an attack banner.

Additional supporting point.

Pennant tail “Everything is mine here”

Glutton is a very cautious animal and it is not as easy to shoot as foxes. It’s active mostly at night, so these pictures are very valuable and pleasant for their proud author.

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15 responses to “Pure Nature Of Kamchatka”

  1. Zjoske says:

    Alas, 10 years and man will have this place destroyed…

  2. OscartheGrouch says:

    I do hope they conserve this beauty. Thanks for the glimpse.

  3. testicules says:

    how much for 100 acres?

  4. Mahmoud A. says:

    The bear looking at the photographer in the first photo knows he is master of the realm and that the entire countryside is his back yard as he he unashamedly urinates in the water and scratches his testicles.

  5. PIF says:

    Beautiful and wild.

  6. Ivan says:

    Another use of the foxes´ tailes – good winter coat for mi

  7. EDo says:

    this is so amazing, tanks for sharing this pictures

  8. SovietUnionWillBeBackSoonAndMighty says:

    Beautiful photos!
    Pillow tail = Firefox

  9. Jeff Pigden says:

    Russia needs foreign capital, money, investment. It only has a limited amount of wealth left, natural beauty being one of those. This space, this wealth will be sold off to the highest bidder. It’s impossible to argue against an empty belly.

    • SmilingJack says:

      Russia does not need the “investments”. It is a myth (popular in the Western press). In our country we have the money, just need to use them effectively.

      If you looked at the photos on this site, you have probably noticed a lot of abandoned buildings, factories, etc. In my opinion, it’s all the result of mismanagement of funds.

    • Chris says:

      Dude, spare us your pitiful ignorance. The Russians don’t need any assistance from outside. You obviously don’t understand the Russian nation.

  10. neblogenso says:

    Breath taking photos. Thanks!

  11. George Bush says:

    Thats not a glutton (?) thats wolverine.

  12. Chris says:

    I had to save some of the pics, BREATH TAKING as someone already mentioned.

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