17 Large Twin of Hadron Collider

Large Twin of Hadron Collider

Posted on February 14, 2011 by team

Everyone must have heard about the Large Hadron Collider built in Switzerland. But few people know that the world-famous collider Soviet scientists had started constructing 20 years before in a small village near Moscow. That time it was the largest particle accelerator. Let’s visit today almost deserted site of the suspended largest particle accelerator to be.

Map of the suspended accelerator. Six major objects are located over the site.

The landscape reminds of some post-nuclear science fiction fantasies.

The largest ground objects.

Judging from the big crane we may suggest it was the very place for lifting the most large-size objects.

There are still some trucks and dangerous guarding dogs.

The highest mine shaft.

It is the place where people went down into mines. And a face in the place…

A lot of trolleys around.

This nearly dead bus once carried workers around the building site.

It is strange that this mine shaft is still in a good state.

“Glory to labor”

This is a storehouse with a suspended mine. If one throws a stone into a window,  the sound of the drop will be heard only after 4 seconds. The gate is broken and judging from the truck traces everything was stolen and taken out.

Even some concrete plates disappeared.

The nature is wonderful here, though.

The particle accelerator occupied pretty large territory.

The construction is encircled with a fence with barbed wire, there are no traces of life inside.

Such pretty dwarf firs grow on the roofs.

Now – inside.

The length of the tunnel corresponds to the average length of a Moscow subway line.

There was actually no need to make such wide tunnel, but the builders had only subway constructing equipment, and that’s why it reminds of subway so much.

Such trolley can be used to move along the tunnel.

Strange constructions hang over the explorers’ heads.

The most amazing thing inside – a table in the middle of the tunnel with chairs, cups, newspapers and a kettle. Probably some underground people have had a party here recently.

The future of this giant construction is very obscure, one of the options nowadays is to use it for space rays study.

We can hope this beautiful construction will not be abandoned and is going to be used for some valuable purposes.

Location: Protvino

via leprosorium

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17 Responses to “Large Twin of Hadron Collider”

  1. Ivan says:

    All this is the consequence of the experiment …

  2. JZ says:

    Such a waste of resources, its alwasys depressing to see great unfinished projects that have been abandoned…

  3. BigCrow says:

    I recently worked in some place, like this.

    P.s. First!!!!111

  4. testicules says:

    yet another abandoned site. If this was a McDonalds it would be thriving.

  5. Jim-Bob says:

    Looks like they got about as far as the US in building a giant particle accelerator. The US attempt also sits partially completed and completely abandoned. If memory serves, it is located in Texas and for sale.

  6. SovMarxist1924 says:

    Once again the Soviets were ahead of the U.S. in science, math, and physics.

    • Stuart Askew says:

      I went down this cyclatron tunnel in 1976 and saw the ‘bubble chamber’ where the electrons were to be spread and the huge concrete blocks that were supposed to stop them.
      We were told that CERN, based in Europe, had given this technology to the Russians.
      I worked for six months on the sophisticated computer software and hardware supplied by ICL UK.

    • FREEMAN says:

      I see you call your self a soviet Marxist, so I can only assume you love tyranny, control over others and socialism so all. Hmmmm you might want to rethink your paradigms, seems your an ENLIL supporter

  7. Mike hunt says:

    This is the actual site where the book Atlas Shrugged takes place. It was originally a government weapon. But when there is no one left to rob from, Socialism dies.

  8. Kraldaar says:

    Metro 2033 anyone?

  9. Fax Me Beer says:

    The quantity of junk left to rot is staggering…. there must be easily one jillion billion tons of the stuff scattered all throughout Russia.

  10. JJXXXJJ says:


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