8 The Oddest And Coolest Ukrainian Restaurants

The Oddest And Coolest Ukrainian Restaurants

Posted on February 11, 2011 by team

Western Ukraine is famous for its unusual restaurants which often look more like museums. Let's have a closer look at their awesome interiors.

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The name of the first one can be translated somehow like "A wooden house and a museum"

There are a lot of unique objects of everyday life. There is something interesting on every wall.

For example, old coal irons.

Padlocks and plates.


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8 Responses to “The Oddest And Coolest Ukrainian Restaurants”

  1. Airborne says:

    Interesting, but it looks like something a team of restaurant design and marketing “specialists” from the west would dream up.

    I’ve noticed in my travels that the most real “ethic” places are usually pretty basic facilities – a room, some tables and chairs, etc. – with a few nice local touches based on the owner’s tastes, but it’s only the fake or foreign-owned places that go so far to prove that they are “genuine.”

  2. Zack says:

    It’s like a Ukrainian Cracker Barrel – which is bad.

  3. CZenda says:

    The owner of the first pub obviously loves Czech flea markets :D :D

  4. Musa says:

    I was wondering too, but how good is the food in a place like this? The old stuff is interesting but I would want the food to be the most important thing.

    I agree with others, some of the best places I have gone to eat were basic and simple looking, but had some great food.

  5. Mistr Jan Hus says:

    Old Czech plates really pleased me, it´s a bit nostalgic

  6. yuliaman says:


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