13 Wedding In The Company of Penguins

Wedding In The Company of Penguins

Posted on February 7, 2011 by team

Polar doctor and his fiancée decided to get married in Bellingshausen Station in the only functional church in Antarctica. Really exotic!

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Church wedding ceremony.


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13 Responses to “Wedding In The Company of Penguins”

  1. George Bush says:

    rich schmucks

    That canada goose down jacket is more expensive than her wedding dress.

    I just hope that they gathered all the vodka bottles after themselves.

  2. perristalsis says:

    I like Zombie weddings better!

  3. OLUT says:

    That was nice of the penguins to put on their tuxedos for the wedding. About time wild animals got some civility!

  4. testicules says:

    Yet another way to cheapen marraige. What’s up with the corn rows?

  5. Sabot says:

    There’s a church at McMurdo Station, too.

  6. this wedding must be unforgetable,crazy and wild ideas……c:

  7. MikefromCanada says:

    Haters gonna hate. They look happy to me and thats the main thing :) And I do not know how it`s ok if a guy from Maine orders a Canada goose jacket from L.L. Bean as apposed to a Russian having one. Get a life!

  8. Airborne says:

    The girl with the video camera is cute.

  9. ahriman says:

    very-very-very nice.

  10. Seriously they were right if Antartica is melting down the sea level is increasing no wonder countries have plenty of flood. If it does countries from around the world will have smaller terretory because it will decrease. Some will be under the ocean some because of global warming and california element that is frozen will melt down and make the planet warmer eventually the planet Earth will have the next ice age the oceans will turn into frozen Ice and all around the world will snow for millions of year without stoping humans will die plant animal and no one will survive that would be the end of the world.

    • MikefromCanada says:

      In the words of the late George Carlin : “Earth will be fine. It will shake off the Human Race like a bad case of fleas.” I often laugh at Humankind’s feeling of self importance. As though we have a hand in our destiny. Appreciate what you have now and role with the punches………

  11. Seriously I didn’t say it the scientist say it or what ever they called it they predict it. I have a solution to the problem. The good news I have plenty of answers how to make the planet safer the bad news no one cares for today. Well someday I’ll change the world.

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