17 Russian Bento – Why Not?

Russian Bento – Why Not?

Posted on February 5, 2011 by team

In Japan they have bento boxes, in Russia they have… you decide.


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17 Responses to “Russian Bento – Why Not?”

  1. DougW says:

    the cake wins!

  2. Archy Bunka says:

    A. Bunka here.

    The horror, I wouldn’t even feed these to my American Foxhound. Give me a nice American T-bone any day of the week.

    God bless the USA.

  3. OLUT says:

    > Russian Bento – Why Not?

    I think the pictures explain perfectly, why not! The blood-faced boiled eggs – eww!

  4. ahm says:

    this food is utterly disgusting.. blah!

  5. Elsa says:

    The cake burster gets all my love! That aside, all the rest look sort of unappetizing… :P

  6. ZeroDrop says:

    Hahaha, people are fun with food in Russia!
    Come on, how can a meal like those can’t make you smile at the table?
    I loved the little sausage robot and the bacon ship!

  7. Musa says:

    LMAO… This stuff is hilarious!

  8. cockatrice says:

    The two wieners in bed is hilarious.

  9. Otis R. Needleman says:

    Pretty strange.

  10. DouglasUrantia says:

    Julia Child on crack.

  11. Shep says:

    Alien cake f ukken rules!

  12. Mahmoud A. says:

    I salute the Russian cooks for their creativity and sense of humor! However, one thing that is not very funny – on every male person or animal they left off the most important body parts! You know what they are. . . .

  13. vadik says:

    toshnit smotret’

  14. OscartheGrouch says:

    Bento box, fast food, fancy feasts none of it looks appetizing ever in Russia. God bless the U.S

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