9 Silent Places Left To Die

Silent Places Left To Die

Some other abandoned places that will
virtually never return to their life.
6 Flying Over Russian Cities

Flying Over Russian Cities

Another set of pictures of some beautiful
cities taken at a very high height.
8 Winter Special Exercises

Winter Special Exercises

The other day Russian Special Police Force has done scheduled winter exercises in conditions of a rugged country. Driving
the "Tiger" car and APC-80 they maneuvered and overcame various obstacles. Here is how it all was happening.
9 Charming City Of Kiev

Charming City Of Kiev

Kiev is probably the most beautiful capital of all the post-Soviet countries. The city can boast of old buildings and
monumental churches, green parks and a wonderful river. Take a photo tour and have a look for yourself.
4 News From The Russian Roads, Part 28

News From The Russian Roads, Part 28

"Skilful" looser drivers, pictures from 50 years ago, speeding consequences and rusty
Russian cars far from home - all this in the striking Russian Roads selection.
19 Profitable Anti-Corruption

Profitable Anti-Corruption

One of the Moscow courts has recently sanctioned the arrest of Director of the Bureau Of Anti-Organized Crime Combatting.
Police General is suspected for serious fraud. All the pictures were taken during the search in his mansion.
23 An Abandoned Island In The Sea of Japan

An Abandoned Island In The Sea of Japan

Askold is a small island located in the Sea of Japan. Long ago it was absorbed in an extensive war. The war started because of the
goldfields located there. The local graveyard that has turned into a forest now hides quite a few mysteries of the island.
31 More Details On The Accident At Domodedovo Airport

More Details On The Accident At Domodedovo Airport

Yesterday, at 4.32 p.m., a suicide bomber activated an explosive device of 10 kg of TNT in the international arrivals baggage area in
Domodedovo Airport. According to official data, 35 people died. Unofficial data gives more depressing figures - 70 people. Many are injured.
10 Wonders of Russian Logistics

Wonders of Russian Logistics

Off-gauge transportation is a very hard job. The drivers should
always be ready to solve many problems during the "trip".
5 Funny And Crazy Videos #1

Funny And Crazy Videos #1

Grandpa has seen a new haircut of his
grandson, here's how he likes it.

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