23 Soldiers With Four Legs

Soldiers With Four Legs

Posted on January 29, 2011 by team

Dog training center “Krasnaya zvezda” (“Red star”) is the central school of military dog breeding and is the only special unit in the Russian Army of such kind. It was founded in 1924 to conduct experiments on the dog usage during wartime. The experience of the “Red star” was successfully applied during the Second World War.

Four-legged helpers at war.

Road to training ground.

Performance begins.

Dogs can even climb here.

The one who slips gets immediately stood by.

With its eyes closed.

Dogs salute as well, but in their own way.


Exhibitional attack on a criminal.


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23 Responses to “Soldiers With Four Legs”

  1. Archy Bunka says:

    First, just wanted to see if it works today…

  2. Ivana Benderova says:

    These dogs are in training to take down street demonstrators demanding the ouster of the nefarious dictator Adolph Putler.

  3. Dzenan van Hallivand says:

    Is it me or can I see the hammer and sickle on that uniform…

  4. Cunninglinguine says:


  5. George Johnson says:

    I think the WWII training that was mentioned, was when they strapped bombs onto the dogs, and trained them to sneak under tanks. It was a dismal failure I believe. The dogs got scared and ran back to their owners. After a few mishaps, they stopped using them that way.

    But dogs are great. If ever man had a companion, it’s dogs. A dog will kill itself to please it’s owner. Smart, protective, unconditional love, and they keep your feet warm in the winter.

    • Don says:

      Actually all of those 68.000 dogs during the war were used to help transport injured soldiers from battlefields.
      But yes,they had experiments with suicide doggie bombers.

    • CZenda says:

      Indeed? I do not know for sure, but C. Malaparte describes in his immortal novel “Kaputt” the anger of Wehrmacht tank crews with which they shot at avery stray dog they saw in USSR. This makes me believe there must be at least a grain of truth behind the story of tank-killing dogs.

    • Mahmoud A. says:

      The worst part about the attacks from dogs sneaking under the tanks with a bomb is that when the bomb goes off it thrusts hot melted steel from the bottom of the tank straight up into a crew member’s testicles. So, you have a psychological as well as tactical advantage, because when such a technique becomes common knowledge to the soldiers on whom it may be used, they will often refuse to go onto the field of battle, preferring to be shot by their commander rather than having their balls blown off.

      Mahmoud A.
      Author, “Psychological Warfare through Testicular Targeting”

  6. Nautilus says:

    Thanks for share them.

  7. Mahmoud A. says:

    Wow when the animal attacks the “criminal” you can see the fangs coming from the top of his mouth. They are long! Can you imagine two of those sinking into your testicles? I hope the criminal is wearing a protective shield in his crotch.

    Mahmoud A.
    Testicular Protection Advocate

  8. Carloz says:

    I did know not they still use valenki in military.

  9. The country from Russia soldiers trained their dog very well. Matter fact those cute dogs are amazing I have never seen american soldiers training their dogs if I did they were american police K9 dogs.

  10. Mike says:

    So that’s where Muchtar came from?

  11. The country from Russia are lucky to have smart soldiers. Those soldiers are amazing that was cool. Go Russia! Your country has smart people someday I wish I could help the poor people from Russia.

  12. Someday my soldiers would go to Russia country so together we give free food to the poor people from Russia. And free blankets furniture if it has to and mush more. My soldiers will not attack no one. First I will ask the president if we could give free stuff to the poor people. Hopefully the president let us give free stuff to the poor people.

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