2 Anger of Kizimen Volcano

Anger of Kizimen Volcano

Posted on January 28, 2011 by team

It has already been a month since Kizimen volcano at the Kamchatka Peninsula became active, so that two cordons of the nature reserve turned out to be in the ashy darkness. A special research team on a helicopter had to fly around the volcano to determine its influence on the nature of the reserve.

The Listvenichnaya estuary is also covered with ash.

White lines on the snow are the traces of the recent elks’ feeding.

One can see the snow becomes clearer in the North.

Approaching Kizimen.

It’s quite natural when one volcanic vent blows off steam and another – a steam-gas mixture with slag and other hot hard particles. That’s why one pillar is dark and another is white.

Team is 3 km far from the volcano.

From this place it’s very well seen the other volcanoes in the North. They are 103 km from Kizimen.

The very right in the back row is Klyuchevskaya Sopka (4700 m), the highest volcano in Eurasia.

According to the volcanists, Kizimen extrudes hot piroclastic elements. After that they explode and form hot little hard avalanches that roll down the slope.

Location: Kizimen

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