28 Remains Of The Olympics ’80

Remains Of The Olympics ’80

Posted on January 21, 2011 by team

pool 36

While Olympic objects are being actively constructed in Sochi, let’s visit a wonderful city of Kislovodsk and look at what has remained there after the preparation for the Olympics ’80.

A swimming pool complex was built here in 1974 and intended to serve for the Soviet sportsmen’s training for the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow. As this city was a health resort and lots of people had a rest there, they were allowed to use the pools as well.

This is  how it looked before. The picture is taken in the end of the 70s.

pool 2

There were 2 swimming pools. One of 21×50 m and another of 8×8 m. Both were year-round and water was warmed up to 24° C.

pool 3

And this is how it looks now…

pool 4pool 5

pool 6

One of the buildings reminding a shell in shape.

pool 7

A small pool inside.

pool 8

Design is quite nice despite all the destruction.

pool 9pool 10


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28 Responses to “Remains Of The Olympics ’80”

  1. DougW says:

    That’s a little depressing. :(

  2. FührerBunker.AT says:

    F. Bunker here.

    Once rossija was bright and proud, now everything is rusting and rotting just because of MacDonalds.

    Burgerking for life!

  3. Kashtan says:

    What a waste….

  4. The Kingfish says:

    Your tax dollars, or rubles, at work. This happens around the world, the Olympics have turned into a boondoggle for any community that sponsers it. It is especially good for politicos who like to build things and get kickbacks.

  5. zipp says:

    It’s could be saved. It’s a nice spot for a outdoor pool.

  6. Maraudon says:

    I bet it was beautifull in 80’s.

  7. DavidDerKlabauter says:

    it’s really nice that the coloured glass windows survived decay. they should rebuild the place!

  8. testicules says:

    Behold! The future of all the olympic prjects has been displayed here. It is a shame that all these project, like everything in Russia, are destined for abandonment.

    Kingfish: You’re exactly right.

  9. PIF says:

    It could be revived…as for Sochi, I hope they build it with a long term vision in mind…

  10. Wishful thinker says:

    Maybe the Sochi Olympic facilities will have better long-term results since it is on the shore of the Black Sea, and because it is being built at a time when marketability means more than it did in the Soviet era. I just hope they are planning for the handoff now, instead of relying on . . . wishful thinking.

  11. Left SR says:

    Entropy unlimited.

  12. crf says:

    Russia should encourage immigration from poorer countries.
    People in Russia who don’t support immigration ought to look at these pictures are think twice about their xenophobia. There are obviously not enough people to take care of, or happily use, the stuff that has been built! This pool is in one of the nicer (climate-wise) areas of Russia. It ought to be used.

    This is depressing!
    What are the geographic coordinates for this spa?

    • Volga German says:

      Russia should consider something like the land grants the US made in the 19th century, where settlers must agree to live on and develop (at least to some extent) the land or the local economy, provide a skilled service, etc.

    • Chris says:

      Brilliant solution, import people from POOR countries!

      You really have to think through your “solution”.

      Poor countries are usually poor because of an inferior culture that lacks work ethic and that is of no help.

      Import people from hard working cultures, like the Jews, Germans, Chinese, Japanese or Koreans and they will segregate themselves.

      Or do what the Serbs did, let in the lazy Albanians into Kosovo and in 50 years the Albanians take over because of their, ummm… energetic reproductive ways.

      • lorenzo says:

        lol.. well said!
        Russian government should encourage growth of Russian families, not import people from other countries.. just look at what happened to other “multicultural” nations, like USA.. they’re a hopeless mess, not a working melting pot.

  13. asteroid no. 444 says:

    No bikini girls here. :-(

  14. Alan says:

    It’s a shame. That facility could be an international center for training swimmers. Obviously it was first class when it was built.

  15. Jim-Bob says:

    It does make you wonder just how many of these expensive projects end up in ruins. I know that the buildings used for the Sarajevo games met a similar fate during the civil war that racked Yugoslavia during the 1990’s. Plus, for all the beauty of China’s state architecture from the most recent games what has become of it now? Most of sits pretty and abandoned. Ironic then isn’t it? For all it’s claims of being about the maximum benefit to the worker, communism still allowed these useless projects in communist countries. Useless projects that did nothing to promote the general welfare of the average worker. What a sham. In the end, no matter if it is a big government or a big corporation or a big government that is also THE state corporation the average worker always gets screwed out of time and money.

    • richard says:

      Do you think the Athens olympics was any better,do you think the huge London olympics will be any better??
      As for China,never under estimate them,those buildings are still used.

  16. Stew says:

    Nah… It’s not a waste, they have build many olympic pools with a roof since than. No need to revive this, seriously.

  17. cockatrice says:

    Is this what remains of the Olympics the world over? The expenditures so bankrupt the local municipality such that there is nothing left for maintenance? Seems pretty brutal and a pretty steep price for the momentary prestige of hosting the Olympics.

  18. SSSR says:

    Salt Lake City Utah did very well with the winter olympics.But most of the buildings that were used for the games were used everyday anyway.

  19. Kolobok says:

    This would be a great place for a super villian

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