37 One Billion Dollar Mansion For a Lucky Owner

One Billion Dollar Mansion For a Lucky Owner

Posted on January 20, 2011 by team

Luxurious Mansion 2

This mansion is rumoured to cost 1 billion dollars and being built for some unknown Russian biggie. Whoever it could be the scope of the construction is quite impressive.

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37 Responses to “One Billion Dollar Mansion For a Lucky Owner”

  1. rus says:

    It is well known and it is for czar Putin.

  2. Сашка says:

    Во деревня, хоть и богатый но в спортивном костюме.

  3. Mike says:

    ever heard of Putin?..

  4. Poche says:

    A nice example that good taste can’t be bought

  5. FührerBunker.AT says:

    F. Bunker here.

    löl for Putin? axaxa this is one bada/ss funguy!

  6. stan says:

    LOVELY MANSION. now, let’s get this greedy fat cat OUT, and get some deserving poor homeless people off the streets and move them IN, one to a room or something.

    • Devi says:

      What makes you think that the owner deserves it?
      Does he pay taxes? Are you sure he didn’t steal money from the government, are you sure he is not a mafioso? Is he paying well to his employees?

      Sorry but all the Russian people deserve this house or the money that was waste on its construction.

  7. Boritz says:

    Very nice! But where is cage for miniature giraffe?

  8. Kashtan says:

    meh… I hate that castle-mansion $hit… Maybe a modern house with green design?

  9. testicules says:

    What a rip off. Deffinately not worth the money

  10. Bouba says:

    Wonderfull castle in neo-baroque style!
    Pax et Bonum

  11. George Johnson says:

    Silly. “See how much money I have!! Look at me!! Everybody look at me!!”

    Even if you had all your family there, it’d still be too big. It’d be like living in a hotel.

    I’d rather live in a smaller, but nicer place. This is just dumb really.

  12. Americans, we don´t know what they are for, but aren´t they lovely says:

    Well, the exterior is realy a good example of the modern neo-classical house, the composition of the main facade, proportiones and so on…
    But the interiores with all that execive glance fail to be elegant and seem to be the mix of diferent stiles without any leading idea, is just carpenters good work.

    and by the way: viva Quinlan _Terry and Michael Fillipov the best neoclassical atchitectors of our time!!!

  13. asa says:

    third world Russia – collapsing country

  14. zipp says:

    The jacuzzi bath and murals are the only really questionable parts. It’s not too bad, for a new build.

  15. Wishful thinker says:

    It’s a beautiful building, but it has an institutional or governmental appearance. I could not be comfortable there unless I turned part of it into a school or orphanage or something. It just seems like a sad waste.

    I know, there are wasteful rich people everywhere, not just in Russia.

  16. phelps says:

    what a waste of money. 100 years from now it will probably be abandoned.

  17. SSSR says:

    That house is such a square!How many video games have I seen that house in!

  18. SovMarxist1924 says:

    Neo-Tsarist decadence.

  19. asteroid no. 444 says:

    Russian “Jed Clampett.” Yee-haw!! Weeeeell-dogggies!

  20. igor says:

    FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Opulence. I has it.

  21. Monkeycheezz says:

    looks liek the billion doller man doesnt have enough to buy new pants now… great house btw

  22. Archy Bunka says:

    Looking at the other homes in the area, it would seem he has “overbuilt” for the neighborhood just a tad…

  23. Phildo says:

    He paid 998 million too much.

  24. Chris says:



    Are you sure your taste is developed enough to tell whether it’s ugly or not?

  25. from says:

    Saddam Hussein moved to Russia

  26. nasti says:

    Oh, lucky …. someone once you’re lucky – and all life is good (((I have 4 years can not afford to buy a SLR (((

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