15 They Know How To Live Forever!

They Know How To Live Forever!

Posted on January 18, 2011 by team

Bright halls, glass sarcophagi, people in silver coveralls… This is the way most of us imagine the first cryo-company in Europe. Now you have a chance to know how it looks in reality.

A small lot of the land somewhere near Moscow. $10.000 for the preservation of a head and $30.000 – for the whole body. The preservation itself costs rather little money, the main part of it simply goes for the repair jobs, buying special equipment and staff training.

There are 2 possible ways of money direction: if there are no any clients anymore, the company follows one expenditure pattern; if the number of the clients increases, there is another one.

The only way of payment is a fixed amount of money, because anytime the client’s relatives can say: “Sorry, but we refuse paying money anymore.” That’s why the company takes the whole sum at the very beginning and promises to be responsible for its client.

Most of the working staff already has the frozen relatives and they don’t worry, because they know the company will be able to easily cover all expenses during the next hundreds of years.

15 people have already been cryonized in Russia. Some of them are kept at their relatives’, but the company certainly helps them to organize the preservation.

The company contains 4 patients with frozen bodies, 7 patients with frozen brains and several frozen animals.

At the same time the company gives no guarantees at all. They admit anything can happen during this long period of time (fire, flood, war) and warn their clients at the very beginning. “If you want some guarantees invest $100.000 in our company and it’ll probably become a little more stable” says the director.

It’s interesting that the company freezes corpses stating that modern technologies are able to revive any person even in 15 minutes after his death.

As for the frozen brain which is responsible for the person’s personality, it will be able to be transplanted to another body or even to the robot body afterwards. This man will feel the same person as before but will be able to live absolutely long until the computer shuts down.

Very often it’s the relatives who decide to cryonize the patient. But if the person doesn’t want to be frozen he or she can go to the notary and sign some relevant documents to protect him(her)self.

So many years later it’ll probably be difficult to find the relatives so the person will decide by himself/herself where to go. The company will help to make a decision.


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15 Responses to “They Know How To Live Forever!”

  1. lolox says:

    Article sounds partial. Was it written by the company’s owner himself?

  2. George Johnson says:

    They can NOT revive anybody that has been frozen. When you freeze ice crystals form in your cells that burst the membranes. They do NOT know how to get around this yet.

    This is BS. The last thing I want to do is come back here again. What a scam.

  3. Mahmoud A. says:

    I hope the Russian people freeze and preserve Putin’s testicles. They are the biggest in Russia! He saved the country from weakness of democracy and the “human” rights. Someday Russians will visit and pay respect at the tomb of Putin’s testicles the way Soviets did at tomb of Lenin.

    I plan to open a touristic shop nearby and sell bronze, granite, brass, and steel models of Putin’s testicles so that everyone can have a set in their home the way they once had photos of Lenin. I will even make them in a cheap Chinese plastic so even the poorest pensioner will be able to put Putin’s balls on display.

    Mahmoud A.

  4. ZeroDrop says:

    They sell something – be revived in the future – that can never gonna happen, with no guarantees, and no one has revived a frozen person in history yet.
    You need a good amount of faith to believe that you’ll be revived in the future – and a good amount of money also.
    It’s not impossible that eventually in the near future, all the money of the company runs out. And, in this case, what will be made with the frozen “patients”?
    I think this is all a good BS.

  5. Ivan says:

    First, let the company´s owner freeze him and then we´ll see if they can revive him or not

  6. Kashtan says:

    At lest you may think of it as an alternate type of funeral service, expensive one. I really don’t think some one even want to unfreeze them in the future, even if it were possible… I mean, they’re dead anyway…

  7. SovMarxist1924 says:

    Why would any sane person want to “come back”? There’s a pic of D. Medvedev here. I hope he’s not one of this nut’s clients.

  8. DougW says:

    Future science experiments. Biology 101, year 3000: And now class we are dissecting someone that died in the late 19th century.

  9. OLUT says:

    Let’s just say they can, in the future, be fully revived and maybe made young again. Why would anyone want that? It might be cool to see “the World…. of Tomorrooooowww!!!” but everyone you ever knew is now dead, unless they froze themselves, too. Your family, kids, friends and loves. The places you went, the things you did, your passions, maybe even entire society or country — gone. That would depress me way too much to even consider it.

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