21 Forgotten Crimes Of The Past – Deserted Police Station

Forgotten Crimes Of The Past – Deserted Police Station

Posted on January 17, 2011 by team

Abandoned police station is a very strange place. It is full of investigation materials, personal records, photo albums with criminal faces and numerous passports scattered all over the floor.


Choose any.

Lenin still keeps his eye on everything.

Interested in some criminal case? Help yourself.

“Oath” and “Code of honor” of a police officer.


Tea, anyone?


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21 Responses to “Forgotten Crimes Of The Past – Deserted Police Station”

  1. Furipe says:

    very interesting pics!
    I thought that in the ussr there was not crime….

  2. lolox says:

    There is a “2006” calendar…Not so far in time…

  3. Zjoske says:

    Ohh, they read playboy. Or at least looked at the centerfold :)

  4. Boritz says:

    Odd to see police go out of business…police work is most lucrative in Russia!

    • Zenobiush says:

      I see your point! These guys went out of business because they did not take gifts, envelopes and whatever is necessary to deal with cops… Instead, they were working, just working…

      Without bribes police salary is not so great.

  5. George Johnson says:

    When the last person leaves Russia, please turn off the light (or close the curtian).


  6. Rosief17 says:

    i can’t believe somebody would left out that mountain of coke on that table :o)

  7. bobbob2008 says:


  8. Otis R. Needleman says:

    I don’t get it. Why would such an office be abandoned, but records be left behind? Have seen this before in Russia. Strange.

  9. DouglasUrantia says:

    ugly place of torture….

  10. Wishful thinker says:

    Unbelievable. How can the authorities simply “abandon” a police station and leave stacks and boxes of personal records behind? I could understand it if they were fleeing from an invading army, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here. I can only assume it is the result of people (police) who did not take their oath or duty seriously.

    This reminds me of when I was in Russia at the end of the 1900s and early 2000s, when I would see police blatantly demanding bribes or threatening to take people to jail for noghing.

    Has Russia not improved at all in ten years? Does the Russian government have no respect at all for the privacy and rights of its citizens? How about simply exercising good management and either taking the records with them to a new storage place, or destroying them?

    I know – once again I’m engaging in wishful thinking.

  11. Musa says:

    Why they leave such good hats behind? I want one of those.

  12. rzmsauce says:

    First, and I think more pics are needed for this one

  13. miss poland says:

    OMG I told commanding officer to take those bribes but he didn’t listen. now he ended up as the rest of the righteous russians in this poor crumbling god forsaken country :(

  14. unclemeat says:

    the desk clock/radio about 12 pictures in

    has anyone seen one like this before?

  15. Smirfnov says:

    I doubt that the posters with the babes are from the Soviet era. On the one to the left with the bikini babe you can see “2006”.

  16. Winter Echo says:

    Lenin should’ve kept his eye on Stalin. And sipped his tea more…circumspectly.

  17. Winter Echo says:

    Okay, you had to know somebody was going to blow through here and ask this — so I’ll do it. Honestly, are the censored breasts on the lady the contribution of this site’s admin, or did these pricks actually redact the porn they hung in their own station?

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