13 Bambi’s Adventures In Yaroslavl

Bambi’s Adventures In Yaroslavl

Posted on January 17, 2011 by team

Nobody can understand how this animal could possibly get to the streets of Yaroslavl as there have never ever been a single deer in this city.

A crowd of onlookers and a team of rescuers thinking of what to do with the poor fawn bitten by the evil dogs.

Meanwhile Bambi decided to have a rest.

A rescue operation is being prepared.

The main policeman.

And a brave rescuer.

And the television, represented by the only camera man, is already there.

Somebody is saving the fawn while others are unloading furniture from the truck.

It turned out even a hurt fawn ran fast and had an advantage over a man sinking in snow.

Ran away round the corner.

Everybody’s running after the animal.


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13 Responses to “Bambi’s Adventures In Yaroslavl”

    • Musa says:

      I think you want to see me and that is why you keep messing with me all the time, yes you want me to come over there and smack the Dutch right out of you. Now publish my comment! I am not posting them too quickly! Sometimes you make me want to scream.

      • the man behind "Mahmoud A" says:

        Dutch? Maybe that’s why they delete and/or block so many of the comments from “Mahmoud A”. ;)

        • Musa says:

          It’s really hard to stay mad at you. :)

          • Mahmoud A. says:

            Anger is bad for a heart. If you feel anger at someone, lie down on a comfortable bed, close your eyes, forget about the person who made you angry, and softly stroke your testicles until you feel calm and blissful.

            Mahmoud A.
            Author, “Anger Management through Testicular Manipulation.”

  1. ahm says:

    In the end, though, bambi was run over by a bus after being released.

  2. Danny DeVito says:

    Thanks for saving the deer!

  3. BH206L3 says:

    Looks like a yearly White Tail, due to the white patch on the throat. I didn’t know there were White tail Deer in Russia. I know we gave some to the Finn’s back in the late 1920’s and they are doing well. We have a lot of them in CT, very common. Of course we hunt them too, and the venison is first rate. Looks like a lot of snow on the ground, white tails can have problems with deep snow. They Yard up and well starve.

  4. Vasya Petrov says:

    The deer has a faulty GPS.

  5. are you kidding says:

    mmmmmmmm dinner anyone !

  6. testicules says:

    The should have called some of those Siberian kids. They would have attacked it like rabid vampires.

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