25 Back To The Soviet Time Again

Back To The Soviet Time Again

Posted on January 4, 2011 by team

Life Magazine once called the Soviet medicine the most nationalized in the world. In the  issue of January 1970 a lot of pictures on this topic were published. Take a look at some of them.

From birth to death every Soviet citizen has his own “book of health” where all diseases are registered. He can get medical care without leaving his job, right at the place, no matter if it’s school, plant, farm or office. If he’s ill but still able to walk he goes to the hospital by himself.

But the Soviet medical system has some disadvantages. Modern technologies and means of anaesthesia are often unavailable. Dental care is out of date and therefore painful.

70% of all the Soviet doctors are women. You can see many women doctors on the numerous Soviet posters

These are some women doing special breathing exercises for better childbirth

Medical examination right at the working place

At school

Alcoholism is one of the main problems. Alcoholics get special treatment making them throw up every time they drink alcohol. A simple scheme – alcohol, vomiting, sleep.


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25 Responses to “Back To The Soviet Time Again”

  1. Bill Clinton says:

    Hi everybody.

  2. testicules says:

    Pretty funny looking people. Nice cage too.

  3. Rosief17 says:

    medicine during soviet times was not bad at all.. and it was for free.

  4. Pacific NW says:

    Loved the cage, we have a similar form of socialized medicine in the U.S. for schizophrenics and it often comes with a free beating from the police before being thrown in jail.

    The great thing about talk of “socialized medicine” in the U.S. is that it get’s faux-conservatives like “Georgie” here something to get there panties all bunched up about. Observe that George is a borderline schizo himself; the randomly capitalized words as if he’s yelling at invisible voices that are pestering to him about Cuba, the poor use of punctuation as if if an extra question mark or dot in his ellipses will stab his “enemies”, accusing vast segments of society as being “the crazy ones”, all while having trouble stringing together a sentence. Classic faux-conservatism.

    The cost of jailing schizophrenics is far higher than the cost of the small handful of pills they could be given to treat the disease and become normal members of society. Time to take your meds Georgie, before you gets a beatin!

    • NeuroManson says:

      Would have helped if Reagan didn’t close down the mental hospitals and throw the crazies out on the street.

  5. MotherRussia says:

    Cool story, bro.

  6. DougW says:

    Didn’t Russia have a good system (or so said the propaganda) for eye correction surgery in the pre lasix days. I Remember seeing photos of an assembly line style system.

    Free is always better. As a matter of fact there it’s free burger day in the trashcan behind McDonald’s.

  7. Sabot says:

    I seem to recall that we voted for it. You know, democracy etc.

  8. SovMarxist1924 says:

    They don’t look weird to me!
    Yes, Soviet medicine suffered- because of Stalinism (the politicization of science). After his death it improved greatly.

  9. Critter says:

    My wife said when she was in school, probably around 1972-1976, they had traveling dentists come to their school. The “dentist” used equipment powered by a foot peddle, similar to the old sewing machines. Who knows what kind of training these “dentists” actually had. There was no anesthesia and all fillings and tooth extractions were done without any pain relief. Needless to say the drilling of teeth was a slow and painful ordeal. She still has many dental problems to this day because of what they did over 30 years ago. On my visits to Russia, the one thing I always noticed was how bad peoples teeth are, even in younger people.

  10. Musa says:

    Those people in picture 14 look like they could use a drink.

    The Soviet Russians weren’t any better at treating people with mental conditions than the US.

    This lack of proper dental care is horrible. As much as I hated going to the dentist, my mother made certain I was there for regular check-ups whether I needed to have work done or not. I feel very fortunate now.

  11. OLUT says:

    One thing the Americans (and non-Communist countries) get right is the idea of the party school. In Soviet Union, it means members of the Communist party. In free world, it means keggers and gettin’ down!

  12. Bogdanov says:

    I have bad teeth and am miserable (guess it’s my fault)… :-(

  13. MotherRussia says:

    Yes, Sir. Indeed Cuba’s health care is way better for an average Joe or Jose if you wish..

    Their students(future doctors of Cuba) studied in Russian Universities for a long time (since 1960s) FOR FREE (if I remembered correctly). Hence, qualified personnel to fill in Cuban hospitals.

    Versus US hospital BILLS…I mean BIIIILLLS i.e. one night stay (God forbid) is an easy 5K for starters. And that’s without any critical equipment to save your Life, just the usual stuff like I.V.& blood pressure monitor

  14. THE says:

    This comment is written because I want to congratulate the President of Belarus on his Re-Election.

    I know that I should have written to do this earlier, but I was genuinely busy with researching and writing articles on Wikileaks and associated matters at other Websites.

    The Belarusian voters have given the President of Belarus a Mandate to continue the fine job he has already accomplished in regards to the Economy, and job creation.

    The record of the President of Belarus is both formidable and impressive, and it should be the envy of some of his neighbours.

    I did not endorse any of all the Candidates in the Belarusian Election, because as a Slav, the only Slavic country I comment on with regards to my opinion on how they should vote is my own country of Serbia.

    I have said on several occasions, that regardless of how good a job the European Union allows the Puppet DS led Government to do, it would be wise Not to vote for the DS, the G-17 Plus, and the LDP at the next Election.

  15. jeffrey pigden says:

    These pics are from last year.
    They are for the Republicans to use against healthcare reform.
    Funny how free medical care is okay for the military but bad for the general population.
    The REAL problem is GREED! Any change that might reduce today’s income but increase income over years is, somehow, bad. bviously, its time to put a solid wall between capitalism and democracy!

  16. are you kidding says:

    There is nothing in life that will ever be free .

  17. AMIN says:

    Everything in englishrussia is real

  18. Linas Lituanus says:

    The Soviet medical care system was great in Moscow, and the Westerm medical care systems are very good in the leading Western countries, but the greatest advantage of the Soviet medical care was, that it even outside Moscow was much better, that in non-leading capitalist countries.

  19. NeuroManson says:

    Looks like they’re questioning Colonel Sanders, to try and get his secret recipe out of him in that electroencephalogram picture.

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