15 An Unusual Office Most Of Us Don’t Want To Work At

An Unusual Office Most Of Us Don’t Want To Work At

Posted on December 18, 2010 by team

It’s quite an unusual place. The place where the blind may find maybe the only available job for them. The biggest call-center for disabled people in Europe.

Two buildings make it possible for 2400 people to work there at a time. 24 hours every day

A very specific evacuation plan


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15 Responses to “An Unusual Office Most Of Us Don’t Want To Work At”

  1. Byron76 says:

    Preety interesting!!! Nice pictures!
    It looks to be a very well equipped place for non-vident people.

  2. OLUT says:

    Very true, I would hate to work there. I can’t stand call centres!

  3. George Johnson says:

    Too bad this is the “only available job to them.”

    Blind people are quite capable, especially if you put them (or offer them) jobs that use their unique abilities such as sound or touch.

    They make great sound engineers for say recording studio. And they make great machinist. Then can often touch the surface of metal they just machined, and feel flaws that you and I couldn’t.

  4. caelus says:

    Nice to see even russians do care about disabled citizens, at least they get a decent job.

  5. CZenda says:

    “The biggest call-center for disabled people in Europe.” Indeed? Where?

    • George Johnson says:

      I think they mean this is the center that disabled people CALL when they have a problem ;-)

      COULD be, a call center made up of disabled people too…. but that doesn’t sound like what they said. ;-)

    • Doomer says:

      I didn’t know the readers of this forum are blind too
      There is Russian Coat Of Arms on one of the pictures

      It’s located in Moscow. Site – _http://www.soctelekurs.ru/

  6. THE says:

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  7. asteroid no. 444 says:

    Don’t call me- I’ll call you…

  8. RB says:

    If you know a blind person or some one with a disability then this is of some sincere interest,but if you have no personal connection with any one with a disability then likely it is of no interest. A good example of relativity.

  9. Bigg Fredd says:

    Better lighting for people who can’t see than at most places for people who CAN see.

  10. Klaus says:

    Uh, Uh. Sunglasses, Leatherjacketts. it’s the Phone-Mafia!

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