6 Aircraft Repair And Service

Aircraft Repair And Service

Posted on December 17, 2010 by team

The Vnukovsky-400 Aircraft Repair plant is the biggest one in Russia.  It was founded in 1941 and now about 1500 people are working there. It has the well-developed infrastructure, modern production complex, qualified workers and lots of certificates for making different types of aircraft repair and service.

In May, 2010 the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) audited this plant and certified that it corresponded to all requirements.

Tu-214 servicing

Boeing 737-300, the most popular narrow-body jet airliner,  is not far from it

Boeing 737-500 with its forward fuselage taken off for painting

Modern computer technologies are used for testing

Boeing 737-500

Rather small Embraer EBB-135BJ is also worth mentioning

During the C-check the passenger compartment is completely removed from the plane

Boeing 737-800 with its taken off plastic panels

Boeing 737. Engine servicing

8 planes at a time in a clean and bright workshop

Aircrafts of the third generation servicing

Tu-214. Undercarriage servicing

It’s very important for airlines to reduce downtime. And in this respect the plant does its best

The work doesn’t stop for a moment

Boeing 737-7HD

Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) certificated for ultra-long-range flights

General sight on the workshop

Boeing 737

Tu-204-100 (RA-64008) and Il-76ТД (RA-76489), two beautiful lonely birds ready for sawing…

Fresh painted Tu-214 (RA-64505)

Painted forward fuselage

PS-90A turbojet engine

Polyurethane enamels are used here

The Vnukovsky Aircraft Repair Plant has the area of 100 hectares

It holds the service stuff training

Test-flight station

The only plant having the certificate for the undercarriage repairing in Russia

The new tyre among the old ones

Lab for diagnostics and repair

Diagnostics of appliances. The cost of such a complex is about $ 1 million. The diagnostics of one appliance lasts approximately 3 hours

Workshop for engine repair

In old days Tu-154 and Il-86 repair was the main profit of the plant but nowadays foreign aircraft repair takes this place. Since next year this workshop is going to be closed

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