14 Gadzhievo Military Base

Gadzhievo Military Base

Posted on December 16, 2010 by team

In the dark light of the polar night one could hardly see the outlines of two submarines covered with snow standing near moorage.

This phrase sounds like the beginning of the adventure Cold War novel. Actually these submarines are children of that war – war of technologies, nerves and attrition.

The contents of 16 ballistic missiles which are in the bottom of such a submarine can destroy the whole East coast of the USA. This stuff wasn’t quite cheap for the USSR  and after its breakdown the great number of these submarines couldn’t be kept anymore.

But the Russian North Fleet is alive and those submarines which are in service still continue being on battle duty.

There is a Military Base in Gadzhievo and the Yekaterinburg’s delegation has visited it.

To reach this place you should pass 3 command posts, then go through a special access post with metal and radiation detectors near the moorage. Besides the man with the gun will be watching you.

The submarine K-84 was built in 1984 in Severodvinsk. In 1999 it was called “Yekaterinburg”

The first meeting at the dinner table. In the right corner – the Captain of the “Yekaterinburg” Konstantin Golovko

One can easily become fattened up here

The traditional meeting with the submariners’ wives at the Officer’s house. The wives are sitting in the hall and talking to the members of the delegation.

Morning in Gadzhievo

This is the “Volk” (K-461) – the atomic submarine of the third generation

At the Volk’s tail two workers were maneuvering with some stick. It seemed one of them could easily fall into the icy water

The Yekaterinburg’s brother is the “Bryansk” (K-117) standing not far from it

The polar night’s at its highest point

Solemn formation. The sailors in full uniform  lined up on a moorage


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14 Responses to “Gadzhievo Military Base”

  1. testicules says:

    1st to say that those subs are stuck in the 80’s. No new upgrades since then.

  2. Swede says:

    What an immense demonstration of military might! Wonderful!

  3. Rurik says:

    Very impressive. Like American submariners, it takes a special person with a calm personality to crew one of these ships.

  4. moo says:

    They may be 80’s tech but those two boomers alone could wipe out hundreds of millions of people at least.

  5. Leningradsky says:

    It is not the morning it is a daytime because in the winter it is dark until noon.

  6. OLUT says:

    ARTEM! If you’re here, please go to the FORUMS. They’re being killed by SPAM, please let the mods there cancel their accounts!

  7. CBEH says:

    “Ryan, some things in here are sensitive to bullets”

  8. hajduk split says:

    i think they would have much more fun if they were stationed in Port Arthur…

  9. DougW says:

    Cool photos. Bet the crew was happy to get out of the cold and into a tiny metal tube.

  10. MalignedMonkey says:


    Osuuspankki logo, top left?
    Something the US cables didn’t tell us about, Finland’s collaboration with Russia to become a major nuclear power!

  11. dangerous dave says:

    I still have nightmares about submarines…

  12. SSSR says:

    And the human race still exists today!Without the cold war USA and USSR,now Russia,would be behind from where they are at today.That big standoff was good and bad.At 1 time the doomsday clock was at 11:59 and I was too young to even care ;)

  13. Adolfo Camara says:


    Just like a surgery room.

    I like the uniforms, with the daggers and all.

  14. They are some evil subs!

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