19 Chusov Metallurgical Works

Chusov Metallurgical Works

Posted on December 16, 2010 by team

Chusov Metallurgical Works is one of the oldest plants in the Urals. It’s also the biggest ferrous metal industry enterprise with the full technological cycle of metal production.

Moreover, CMW is the leading vanadium iron production enterprise, producing spring plates and finished automobile springs.

The plant was founded in 1879 by the French-Russian Ural joint-stock company. For a long time it has been one of the most well-equipped factories.

In 1930 the government decided that the plant should specialize in production of qualitative steels and tractor spring plates.

A huge blastfurnace – it’s capacity is about 600 cubic meters.

On the 13th of January, 1936, here was produced the first domestic vanadium iron.

During the World War II, the factory produced tank armor plates and high-explosive flame-thrower for the famous “Katyusha”.


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19 Responses to “Chusov Metallurgical Works”

  1. testicules says:


    Tell these guys to work harder. It is too cold. We need more global warming.

  2. OLUT says:

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  3. OLUT says:

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  4. CZenda says:

    How do they compete with Chinese?

    • Bogdanov says:

      You can’t. Look at the U.S. China IS their banker. The U.S. cannot force China to do anything because they owe China almost everything (money-wise).

  5. Boritz says:

    It looks like they have expended all of 100 rubles on modernization since 1930. Plant is a sorry legacy of Soviet era.

  6. Sabot says:

    Angle Iron, the backbone of civilization.

  7. Left SR says:

    Long live Industrial Workers! Long live the Industrial Revolution! Long live UNIONS!! Down with Capitalism and Stalinism!

  8. asteroid no. 444 says:

    Long live sick leave! Long live paid holidays! Long live quitting time! Down with management!!

  9. R.C. says:

    But СЛАВА МЕТАЛЛУРГАМ most definitely! All of them =)

    Glory to the Steelworkers!!!

  10. R.C. says:


    The servers here don’t sync comments among themselves until it’s too late. Major fail guys…. =\

  11. Crazy Me =) says:

    Duplicate comments – full steam ahead! Go OHMK /ОХМК (НОСТА)!!!

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    Ahh.. breath of fresh air.. Something works…but still no first post…

  13. Crazy Me =) says:

    Perhaps cheap drugs are causing the malfunction…

  14. Crazy Me =) says:

    I imagine this page will be flooded with variations of my 1st post when I come back a few days later

  15. Crazy Me =) says:

    // aded

    Learn to spell ;)

    Car springs? Blah…

    How about some aerospace grades of steel?

  16. Crazy Me =) says:

    I probably look like some blasted troll now… :(

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