23 The Dark Side of Russia

The Dark Side of Russia

Posted on December 14, 2010 by team

There are several pictures of Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union in the post. They were made in the 90s. Seems many things will never change…


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23 responses to “The Dark Side of Russia”

  1. MotherRussia says:

    Such is life in mother russia

  2. Nergol says:

    Wouldn’t it be shorter to show the side of Russia that isn’t dark?

  3. dimabmore says:

    Russia is a great nation. People who don’t want to work and make money live like that. lived their all my life and I am not saying it is a paradise but it is definitely not that bad. Why don’t you go to Washington DC and see how people live their (SE, SW….) It is even worth.

    • Stinger says:

      I wont disagree with you about america being the richest country back in days in such a short period of time, inventing an incredible financial system and people used to like that country for being something new.

      Today your government is really messing things up and people in other places hate america cuz when you come and see how your government’s external policy is making things worse for other nations. Corporate greed is something that is destroying the future of complete nations but thats a whole different and broad topic.

      I live under a hybrid government system.. It combines both socialism and capitalism and i like it that way because if you are poor the government supports you and if you got some money you can do something with it like invest in stocks or own a business..
      I personally like this ‘hybrid’ system as i dont believe that everything should’nt be completely privatized and made profitable from such as health and education or at least have the option to chose..

      No system is perfect, they all have a darkside and theres always a loop hole or a stench of corruption but you cannot tell me to live an american way of life outside america cuz every part of the world is different and has different issues and problems..

  4. kbr says:

    east, west poverty looks the same…

  5. AustriaNOTAustralia says:

    Drinking milk straight from a huge pot is … challenging

  6. testicules says:

    What has changed?

  7. CZenda says:

    …and Russkies still seem to think USSR was not that bad, after all…

  8. Bogdanov says:

    Great pics for depressed people (which I am). 🙁

  9. Left SR says:

    Girl in the last pic is carrying a pic of Stalin!? Well, that’s depressing (unless she’s gonna burn it).

  10. Musa says:

    I like the picture of the cute blonde girl. I’m always curious to see how lots of people live and I don’t care if they’re rich or poor. It’s interesting. Thanks for post.

  11. asteroid no. 444 says:

    I’m available to cheer up the sad lovely in pic 9. I’m bring her wine and music. But, pray tell, whose jeans are those?

  12. SovMarxist1924 says:

    Economic determinism.

  13. Belonogi says:

    First.. I like it alot better when some of the pictures are accompanied by comments..

  14. NeuroManson says:

    Take a look at how Detroit is doing in the US. A former automotive and manufacturing powerhouse, it’s now a shadow of its former self. We aren’t that unalike anymore.


  15. Bobble Hat says:

    It’s always interesting to see how some people live. In this case it makes my own life seem very comfortable in comparison. At other times (eg. people in Lamborghinis and on big yachts) I feel a twinge of envy.

    English-Russia is endlessly fascinating thanks to photosets like this one. Please keep up the good work!

  16. happy_canadian says:

    watching tv from an antenna… pretty dark indeed

  17. Gerard says:

    What is worse, going to hell or living poor (and going to Heaven)There is nothing wrong with this, but it can be just a little bit better.

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