10 Assorted Russia – Part 4

Assorted Russia – Part 4

Posted on December 14, 2010 by team

One more assortment of funny Russian stuff!

Guess whose monument is this?

And this is a great idea for Russia – a usable solution for those who like to make water just round the corner!

Гаражный туалет высокой культуры!

Russians left summer behind but in such cold days they like to remember how cool it was when the sun was shining on them.

“Mud volcano”


via lawerta and leprosorium.ru

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10 Responses to “Assorted Russia – Part 4”

  1. asteroid no. 444 says:

    LENIN!!! (answer to monument question posed by Boris; or: ULYANOV!!!)

  2. THE says:

    Woe, woe, and woe to anyone who believes everything that Anglo-America and the Nazis of Europe say, or who trusts the motives of Anglo-America and the Nazis of Europe.

    The approach with Private First Class Bradley Manning and the founder of Wikileaks is to first use it to make the already divisions inside Anglo-America even bigger.

    Secondly it needs to be Understood that all of Anglo-America and the Nazis of Europe are UNITED Regardless of the smooth talk, the false promises, and especially the smoke and mirrors, and it would not surprise in the least if Wikileaks is part of that smoke and mirrors.

    I would never ask or want anything from Anglo-America or the Nazis of Europe, but I would get off my tail and work and have money to pay the bills.

    I do UNDERSTAND that Anglo-America and the Nazis of Europe are more intelligent than some others, they are evil thieves, and they are good liars.

    If you are not Very Careful you will Certainly be Deceived and Exploited by them, and they did not have the Wikileaks Trial because of having Nothing Better To Do, but because it is a Carefully Crafted Strategy that will become known with time.

    They use words like Modernize a country, but it is the code word for Genocide of a country to further Anglo-American Schemes.

  3. THE says:

    We all remember President George W Bush and his lies concerning Iraq, and I wonder how many Americans are asking where Wikileaks was when we needed them?

    All Anglo-American Politicians know the number of American and non-American lives were lost because of President George W Bush’s lies on Iraq.

    These American Citizens were denied their right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness, but the Dictators of America have hypocritically and conveniently remained silent on that.

    The American Constitution doe not allow the Dictators of America to seek to rule the world, but do their best to ensure the Right of American Citizens, including the thousands of American Soldiers who were killed, and the many others who were serious injured to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit Of Happiness.

    Can any of us think that President George W Bush will be tried for treason and executed, yet these American Dictators are treating Private First Class Bradley Manning and the founder of Wikileaks like criminals?

    The following video titled: Free Bradley Manning Speeches by Marjorie Cohn, can be found on the internet at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7UsMNk0fTE.

    This is of course unless the CIA changes that internet address or its contents of the video to try to discredit what I saying in this comment.

  4. THE says:

    We have seen that the Media reported that an American War Criminal, ‘Diplomat’ Richard Dog Holbrooke had died, but he could be alive.

    The world needs to send people to see the body of the War Criminal ‘Diplomat’ Richard Dog Holbrooke to see if America can be trusted with other matters to a slight extent.

    America may cremate Criminal, ‘Diplomat’ Richard Dog Holbrooke, or give him a drug to prevent movement for a few hours to deceive those who examine ‘Diplomat’ Richard Dog Holbrooke.

    It is possible that America is faking the situation with War Criminal, ‘Diplomat’ Richard Dog Holbrooke because they do not want him questioned by Radovan Karadzic at his Trial.

    The world is full of trickery, and it is wise to believe approximately 50% of what we see, hear, and read in any year.

    If War Criminal ‘Diplomat’ Richard Holbrooke is in fact dead, then the world knows that America has many more Dogs in reserve that are trained to be ‘Diplomats’ for America.

  5. Moscowguy24 says:

    hahaha i love the Real Mac Coy thing!! its the best Pick up place in Moscow!!!

  6. LMHTFY says:

    ha look a mini guy! classic

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