11 Culinary Assorted

Culinary Assorted

Posted on December 5, 2010 by team

A few recipes beloved by Russians, simple but delicious.

The first one is an unusual raw pork fat recipe

We take a piece of fat pork and cut it into thin slices.

Then rub them with black and red pepper and salt.


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11 Responses to “Culinary Assorted”

  1. Hellahulla says:

    Oh my pork fat can be so good. Nothing like some crackling to kill an evening with.

  2. Fishypoo says:

    I love sztuffed peppers.

  3. FührerBunker.AT says:

    F. Bunker here.

    That pork thang looks nice!

  4. Otis R. Needleman says:

    Looks nasty to me.

  5. Valery says:

    Those food posts are just boring.

  6. regeya says:

    That tomato sauce looks an awful lot like something I’d put on tortilla chips, tacos, and the like.

  7. Salty. S says:

    What´s with that nasty ass meat?
    Do not eat raw meat, cook it.

  8. Adrienn says:

    Wow! Nice recipes! Will try out, for sure.

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