15 How To Make Cornel Vodka

How To Make Cornel Vodka

Posted on December 2, 2010 by team

Cornel is sour, but tasty and healthy berry. People make different cornel jams and compotes, but we will tell how to make cornel vodka!

kizilvodka 1 1

We fill these 3-liter-jars with berries, like this.

kizilvodka 1 3

Then we take vodka, or half-and-half alcohol with water…


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15 Responses to “How To Make Cornel Vodka”

  1. FührerBunker.AT says:

    F. Bunker here.

    Im here to say A. Bunka is a sl/ut
    and this stuff looks nice

  2. xmz says:

    However ‘Wódka Gorzka Żołądkowa’ is the best. Zdrówko :)

  3. kievy says:

    seems just heard russia won world cup 2018—great news!

    • Nuclear Bunker says:

      N. Bunker here.

      Saves the UK form rampaging chavs smashing the streets of London up. Let them do it to Russian towns instead, would barely make a difference.

  4. sst says:

    This cant be! No true Russian can leave a jar of vodka in his basement for more than a month!

  5. mukmika says:

    Never heard of Cornel berries, but I guess you could use any kind of berries. It’s worth a try.

  6. Macsen says:

    Personally, I prefer my 420 Vodka over any other. It’s not the best tasting, and it goes down a little harsh, but what a nice ultra-mellow buzz!

  7. moo@moo says:

    mmm vodka

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