13 Magadan – Notorious Beauty

Magadan – Notorious Beauty

Magadan... For the majority it associates with labor camps, prisons and prisoners. But these photos open quite a new view at this place
- beautiful landscapes and nature, radiantly white snows and pure sea of different colors... Enjoy the beauty of this land!
9 Winter In The Crimea, 50’s

Winter In The Crimea, 50’s

Some scans of photos made by someone's granddad in the winter Crimea. The pictures are about 50 or 60
years old. It seems that nothing has changed since then - the same nature, the same landscapes.
15 The Reconstruction Of 1941 War Parade In Moscow

The Reconstruction Of 1941 War Parade In Moscow

On the 7th of November Moscow held a grandiose theatrical performance. The parade in Red Square was reconstructing the war parade of 1941, after which the troops
had gone exactly to the battlefield. Different corps that took part in the performance were clothed in the World War II Soviet military uniform.
4 Strange Trucks In The Kiev Subway

Strange Trucks In The Kiev Subway

Strange, but in Ukranian subway you can meet a concrete mixer truck or other weird lorries. For example rail ZIL trucks are a
visiting card of the Kiev Underground. Actually only on the post-Soviet territory you can see such odd pictures!
AN-2B 6
5 The Ferry Of AN-2 Plane

The Ferry Of AN-2 Plane

A photo report of the AN-2 plane transporting from the Volga region to Voskresensk city. The operation went off with some hitches
but the crew of experienced pilots and mechanical engineers did their best, and finally the plane was ferried well!
28 One Of The Oldest Cemeteries In Europe

One Of The Oldest Cemeteries In Europe

Lychakovsk Cemetery is a historical and memorial culture preserve in Lvov. It is one of the oldest graveyards not only in Ukraine, but also in the whole Europe - it's older than Paris
Pere Lachaise and London Highgate. Here the most noble and privileged citizens find their last refuge - famous politicians, priests, officers and artists are buried here.
9 The Soviet Littoral, 1974

The Soviet Littoral, 1974

Some photos from the "Soviet Littoral" book, 1974. People, buildings, demonstrations, factories,
sanatoriums, cars, ships and even landscapes - everything here is typical of the Soviet seaside 70-s.
3 Reserve Bridge Building

Reserve Bridge Building

The work of the reserve inspector is not only romantic patrolling of forests, chasing poachers and observing nature. The territory development also takes a lot of time and energy. For
example today in Kronotsky reserve was finished the restoration of a river crossing for snowmobiles and cross-country vehicle over the nonfreezing Lebjazhka River.
6 View From The Height Of Cable-Braced Bridge

View From The Height Of Cable-Braced Bridge

Photos of and from the Moscow cable-braced bridge in Kiev, Ukraine, shot by the same brave photographer, who also shot  view of Moscow from the height of 176 meters, extreme pictures of a football
stadium, photos of Kiev subway tunnels and other breathtaking pictures! The height of the Moscow bridge pylon is 125 meters and the whole length of the Northern bridge branch makes 6 km.
5 “Paradise Rivers” By Carolyn Drake

“Paradise Rivers” By Carolyn Drake

The long-term project of a photographer Carolyn Drake is devoted to nature, politics, culture and changes. Since 2007 Carolina visited five former republics of the Soviet Union: Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Tajikistan,
Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan 15 times. During the visit to the Central Asia she wanted to learn, how life and culture of Moslems were affected by the Soviet Union and how they have changed after its disintegration.

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