29 Cooking Home-Made Sausage

Cooking Home-Made Sausage

Posted on November 29, 2010 by team

Here is an interesting recipe of home-made sausage!

At first we need guts. They are already cleaned and soaked in salty water. We scurb them more carefully, pouring all the useless stuff.

Then we scour them like this! VERY carefully!

Then we prepare meat. We take a piece of neck, a piece of fat and a piece consisting both of meat and fat.

We cut the fat.

Then the meat.

Garlic! A lot of garlic!

Then we grind all the meat in the mincing machine.


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29 Responses to “Cooking Home-Made Sausage”

  1. Archy Bunka says:

    FOIST!! Just like the good old US of A!

  2. Archy Bunka says:

    I got some home-made sausage fer ya, F. Bunker.

  3. ratonbox says:

    Mhmm… now I’m hungry.

  4. caelus says:

    I dont like it :(

  5. sumian says:


    Nice sausages we do exactly like that in Brazil too :).


  6. pete says:

    anyone know where to get Collagen Sausage Casings in russia.
    Sausages in russia taste foul. I like italian and greek style sausages. I dont know what they put in them in russia but it tastes strange.
    I prefer to make my own but i dont want to use guts

    • Rattata says:

      It’ll be the spice for sure. Different tastes in different nations. Here in Finland they like sausages with no flavour at all. Being a Brit I like sage and thyme and such, with very little filler and mostly pork meat.

  7. Willie Harding says:

    SO EXCITED!!! This is the way that our Afrikaners (Soon to be extinct group measured at the rate that we are murdered here in the Southern tip of Africa) prepared our favorite sausages!!!! For centuries! Fancy Googling it on Russian site!!! When we can purchase DEEP FRIED ‘RUSSIAN’ SAUSAGES at the Fish and Chips Shop! Send your recipes to CHECKERS, a department store here in South Africa and you can be the proud owner of a brand new Toyota 4 X 4!!!!! First prize in annual competition of the best BOEREWORS.

  8. huattk says:

    Add “species” and salt?

    Typo much?

  9. Robynne says:

    That is what South Africans call Boerewors – better known as wors! yummy! :)

  10. remisch says:

    @huatkk probably typo, should be obviously – spices :-)

    Well, in Poland, we call such kind of “raw sausage” – “biała kiełbasa” (= white sausage), especially it is commonly eaten after boiling in hot water, on second day of Easter Holiday.

    Anyway… most of sausages that can be bought in hiper/super/markets (or so) [in Poland, but also generally in EU], are poooooor immitations!!! – made from worst wastes of meat (mechanically separated meat)…

    In practice, well made sausages (that are dried in smoke from juniper, apple and/or alder wood), can be bought only if taken from smaller, local producer’s and/or such butcher’s shop, and in most cases costs ~$8/kilo (~6 Euro/kilo). Mhmhmm… gonna hungry ;-)

  11. Leriel says:

    Thats what we call here in Hungary “kolbász”, i simply love it! (: And we have lots of tasty food, like “szalonna”, “zsíros kenyér”, “pacal”, “pörkölt” and “rakott káposzta”. Google them, and jó étvágyat!

  12. Zed says:

    Here in Croatia, we make sausages in similar manner, except that we put more paprika (chilli works fine too) so they have fine red colour and are more hot. Also, they should not be put in the fridge upon making. Instead, they should be left to dry in cold winter weather for about 2 weeks. That will make them taste much better.

  13. Crisu says:

    Here in Romania we do the same thing and it’s called “Crnaţi”..trust me .. It’s so delicious!:) I love it!

  14. Nicolas says:

    That looks fantastic. Natural casings are the only way to go. Like a real Nathan’s Hot Dog. Has a nice snap and is better than those made from leather.

  15. Stefan says:

    In serbia we have several types of sausages, and this is one of them, it tastes best if you fry it right after it was made or within next few days, it is not bad later, but….

  16. carnatzi says:

    AWSOME! Carnati made in Romania – best Sausage ever!!!

  17. Da Bavarian Butcher says:

    the polish people invented this kind of sausages, as Remish described. later high speed cutters were used to get the lyonaise style (as in hoddocks)

    Best sausages comes from germany, every area has it’s own speciality, not only a small variation in spices and species. Worst sausages are the breakfast sausages in england, 99%fat, 1% water in italian size prophylactics (cheaper than guts)

  18. Cacho says:

    Quiero un choripan ya!!!!!

  19. Sandy says:

    actually, thats called a medisterplse and its supposed to be boiled and then fried :) we eat it with boiled potatoes and brown sauce

  20. not just some dutchman says:

    yup. south african boerewors. . . best stuff on earth!

  21. Moca says:

    Como los chorizos caseros de Argentina, Brasil y Uruguay!

  22. Natasha says:

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  23. frank says:

    @ natasha,
    if they are hot and lonely, there must be many men out there who will give them a nice piece of sausage,

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