23 Must-See Places Of Nesvizh, Byelorussia

Must-See Places Of Nesvizh, Byelorussia

Posted on November 20, 2010 by team

Nesvizh is a very beautiful city in Byelorussia. Here we are going to tell about the most popular and amusing places of interest which must be visited there, if you visit the city one day. The first one is, of course, the Castle of Nesvizh which was built in the XVI century. This area is also designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Bridge over the moat.

The moat walls are being reconstructed.

The castle was the residence of Nadzivill dynasty.


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23 Responses to “Must-See Places Of Nesvizh, Byelorussia”

  1. Copyright says:


  2. Bogdanov says:

    Don’t know why fascists stole the books (since they’re illiterate apes). Guess they used the paper to clean themselves.

  3. DougW says:

    Fascists see an educated public as a threat. Oddly, so do Democrats.

  4. raichu says:

    This is a POLISH castle of a POLISH Radziwiłł family. History plays jokes on us, and now it’s in Belarus…

  5. Semper Fidelis says:

    it’s castle of Radziwił family!

  6. urbanoid says:

    Nice, but the castle belonged to Radziwill, not ‘Nadzivill” dynasty.

  7. don says:

    A “kostel” is simply a Catholic Church. We call Catholic churches “kostel” and Orthodox ones “carkva”.
    Belarus is 30% Catholic, 30% Orthodox, and 30% no religion, and 10% various (such as Yslam)
    Pax et Bonum.

  8. Left SR says:

    Uh-oh. Nationalism is rearing its ugly head again.

  9. don says:

    And also in proper belarussian it is “NIAsvizh”, not “NEsvizh”.
    Pax et Bonum

  10. asteroid no. 444 says:

    Where am I?

  11. adam says:

    People in Byelorussia don’t speak Byelorussian, they speak Russian

    • don says:

      False! Belarussian is the official language in Belarus. Yes, there are a lot of russian here, and we are able to speak russian generally, BUT our proper language IS belarussian!
      Pax et Bonum

      • popelparty says:

        don –

        in fact both Belarusian and Russian are official languages in Belarus (check Article 17 of your current Consitution).

        I fully agree with you though that Belarusian is your “proper languge” – whatever that means. If it means that Belarusians cherisch their language and cultural heritage, I think it could only have advantages.

      • Chris says:

        Seems like the only Byelorussians I’ve met that speak Byelorussian (cross between Polish and Russian) are from the villages.

        My wife wasted 5 years learning that useless language.

  12. john says:

    gorgeous polish castle of Radziwill family

  13. Chris says:

    It even looks Polish.

  14. Morswin says:

    Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania and Latvia: It was a great empire but it finished in 1795 :/

  15. Andrius says:

    That castle is Lithuanian, built by Radvilos dinasty. The woman in the painting is Barbora Radvilaitė and the man is Mikalojus Radvila Juodasis. :)

  16. busqueros says:

    Andrius, but why is “Barbora Radvilaite” marked as “Barbara Radziwill”? ;)
    Truth is, the castle belonged to a Polish family of the Lithuenian origin (one of Radziwills was recently Polish Minister of Education, the other is a prestent Chief of Polish Guild of Doctors) and was placed in Belarussia.

  17. nt says:

    why do you think that shooting is forbidden in kostel? my mother was there this year and she showed me photos, unfortunately i didn’t have a chance to visit nesvizh yet :(

  18. Vlad says:

    In the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the ancestors of modern Lithuanians were oppressed ethnic minority. It was a Slav state, founded and largely inhabited by the ancestors of modern Poles and Belarusians. The ancestors of the people, now known as the Lithuanians in the Middle Ages were called “Zhmud”. Up to 16 century, they did not even have a written language.

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