6 An Abandoned Plant, The Kharkov Region

An Abandoned Plant, The Kharkov Region

Posted on November 12, 2010 by team

Photos of an old abandoned factory in the Kharkov region, Ukraine. Unfortunately the photos are of a low quality, because they were taken throw the automobile glass, due to some unknown reasons. Nevertheless, it’s a bright example of eastern-European post-industrial views.


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6 Responses to “An Abandoned Plant, The Kharkov Region”

  1. Left SR says:

    I always see the world this way- in a haze.

  2. yellow zoo duck says:


  3. yellow zoo duck says:


  4. zx says:

    these pictures ruins quality of this site…

  5. f0ck says:

    Piktures did from a car, schitte pektures!

  6. S. says:

    Hi Vlad,

    indeed it is in Kharkov. It is Koksohim plant (if you travel from Karachevka through Philippovka and Lipovaya Roscha you’ll find a view like in 4th picture), and the funny thing is it’s not abandoned :)

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