4 Strange Trucks In The Kiev Subway

Strange Trucks In The Kiev Subway

Posted on November 9, 2010 by team

Strange, but in Ukranian subway you can meet a concrete mixer truck or other weird lorries. For example rail ZIL trucks are a visiting card of the Kiev Underground. Actually only on the post-Soviet territory you can see such odd pictures!

via russos

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4 Responses to “Strange Trucks In The Kiev Subway”

  1. Mickey says:

    A hard work to do

  2. perristalsis says:

    Hey, now I know where my stolen Zev 250i truck went.

  3. Goblin says:

    There are trucks here in NYC on the Q-train line that build the new stations. They have special metal wheels so they can ride on the rails, lots of truck can be modified this way because trucks are cheaper than railcars.

  4. Mixas says:

    Similar things are everywhere railroads are in the world. Maybe not that beat up but still. Once again we prove that only in Russia we manage to keep them alive for so long just like those strippers from Odessa. Those things probably remember Brezhnev. Nothing to see here people, move along.

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